Thinking about the themes within The Seven Spell Saga kindle book series

I've been thinking about the themes within The Seven Spell Saga for a new book cover design and realized just how many there are.
I had chosen some of course which underpinned the stories, but have been surprised to find others simply grew through the character interaction.
Major themes include the influence of the past on present life, that strange thing called fate and the importance of friendship and love in a person's life.
A series of coincidences lead to a change in someone’s life, they look back on how they have arrived at a certain place in their life and in retrospect can see the events that led there.
Modern life has seemingly become more insular, the importance of friendship and love has been downplayed.
In "The Seven Spell" book three in "The Seven Spell Saga" Chloe is waiting for Tristan, sitting in her car she watches the people passing by, it sums up for me the way someone can pass you on the street but you don't know that they have had or will have an influence on your life just by that touch on your elbow or even just by passing.
"A group of people passed by on the walkway by the offices, they hurried along in the slight fine rain in their business suits, one with a lap top bag another with a lidded paper cup of coffee. I watched them as they went through my line of vision and on to wherever they were going, a person coming in the opposite direction caused a couple side by side to move apart, one was jostled at the elbow by the oncoming person they bumped around like molecules."  The Seven Spell Copyright Tessa Stokes 2010

I was thinking about how I arrived at writing

I was thinking about how I have arrived at writing urban fantasy, romance. 
My books currently available on Amazon kindle and Smashwords, are in this genre. The Seven Spell Saga, has three books and I am currently writing the fourth.
For a long time when I wrote fiction it was so closely linked to real life I wouldn't finish the manuscript, and yet there would be ideas tumbling around in my head for stories that were set in real life but soared off into the realm of fantasy. I began to write them down and suddenly from a few lines there came a series of books.
Life is already strange, and the natural world beautiful, there are places I have visited where I honestly believe I have felt the history and the link to the past that events have imprinted there.
The most attractive part of writing Contemporary Fantasy for me is the permission it gives characters to aspire; I like to be inspired to aspire. It's no surprise that these characters can have superhuman or supernatural abilities.
It's not just about an escape from reality but an adjunct to reality, do we ever have enough time to become kinder, more spiritual, the best we can be? I don't know, but in the words of a central character in my books,
 from Oliver,

“Think about it, all those years, you could learn so much and do so much.
So many chances to be anything you wanted, well maybe it wouldn’t be quite that easy, but the time would be there to try”.)

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find out why and about whom this is said.

There's only one word for blogging

There's only one word for blogging, addictive. You find yourself wanting to hold this conversation, essentially with yourself in the beginning, at odd times.
I think it's because we all have something to say that we hope someone else will want to listen to.
That's probably what writing is all about fundamentally.
Which brings me to a comment I recently read about Pubit being yet another way for bad fiction to be published. I will not say who wrote the comment, that would be as mean as the sentiment behind it.
I say, if you have a story inside you that you want to get out, go for it. No one is forcing anyone to read it.
Technology travels on and in its wake leaves opportunities;hopefully my ebooks on kindle will not be viewed by anyone as bad fiction but each to their own. I will still write.

Early Literacy comment

 In my first post I mentioned I was new to blogging; I meant writing them. Over the years I must have read thousands, some of my least favourites are preaching. 
So I thought I would get my preaching over with right at the beginning.
A couple of years ago I was working with a not for profit group; my role was to promote Early Literacy, and it was close to my heart so was an enjoyable task.
It's my firm belief that the sooner children are introduced to reading the better.
I wrote lots of tip sheets in the form of brochures if there are any parents out there interested in good tips to give their child a head start in Literacy. These are still downloadable free in PDF form on the site,

Introduction to three in the morning

I am new to blogging; have I been under a rock, am I from the past? I'll leave you to decide.

Having just published three books of The Seven Spell Saga on Amazon Kindle I am currently writing the fourth book in this series. I seem to be up at three in the morning a lot these days; I don't like leaving my characters but I have to, or I would never get to my day job.

I turned 'Indie' when I just couldn't get near a literary agent or publisher, and know from the tweets, blogs and web page comments that many writers are heading in the same direction.
Thank heavens for technology, I would have liked to say thank heavens for coffee but I'm allergic to it. So since it is three in the morning I have start saving my work on, well two computers and four flash disks. Paranoid about not having back ups, sure.