Introduction to three in the morning

I am new to blogging; have I been under a rock, am I from the past? I'll leave you to decide.

Having just published three books of The Seven Spell Saga on Amazon Kindle I am currently writing the fourth book in this series. I seem to be up at three in the morning a lot these days; I don't like leaving my characters but I have to, or I would never get to my day job.

I turned 'Indie' when I just couldn't get near a literary agent or publisher, and know from the tweets, blogs and web page comments that many writers are heading in the same direction.
Thank heavens for technology, I would have liked to say thank heavens for coffee but I'm allergic to it. So since it is three in the morning I have start saving my work on, well two computers and four flash disks. Paranoid about not having back ups, sure.


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