Thinking about the themes within The Seven Spell Saga kindle book series

I've been thinking about the themes within The Seven Spell Saga for a new book cover design and realized just how many there are.
I had chosen some of course which underpinned the stories, but have been surprised to find others simply grew through the character interaction.
Major themes include the influence of the past on present life, that strange thing called fate and the importance of friendship and love in a person's life.
A series of coincidences lead to a change in someone’s life, they look back on how they have arrived at a certain place in their life and in retrospect can see the events that led there.
Modern life has seemingly become more insular, the importance of friendship and love has been downplayed.
In "The Seven Spell" book three in "The Seven Spell Saga" Chloe is waiting for Tristan, sitting in her car she watches the people passing by, it sums up for me the way someone can pass you on the street but you don't know that they have had or will have an influence on your life just by that touch on your elbow or even just by passing.
"A group of people passed by on the walkway by the offices, they hurried along in the slight fine rain in their business suits, one with a lap top bag another with a lidded paper cup of coffee. I watched them as they went through my line of vision and on to wherever they were going, a person coming in the opposite direction caused a couple side by side to move apart, one was jostled at the elbow by the oncoming person they bumped around like molecules."  The Seven Spell Copyright Tessa Stokes 2010

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