This week's final look at Tristan from The Seven Spell saga

Continuing the exploration of the themes within The Seven Spell Saga and looking at the main characters; many experiences for Tristan Dearing mirror the past. His life has been touched by fate, and chance meetings which have changed his life path. The key to understanding Tristan is in his perception of immortality.
Whilst Oliver who has not experienced it thinks of all the chances to do things, Tristan feels some of the real feelings people who are not immortal have. he recognizes that aging can actually lock ordinary people out of some aspects of life. He values the wisdom that comes with living for a long time. Whilst he does not have to fear aging he does experience the same kind of sudden realization that time is passing which we all do. The point is illustrated in this excerpt from Spellbinding, book one of The Seven Spell Saga.

(Tristan sighed, “I get that, I call it edgy, it’s as if I want to embark on a journey, for me, does that make sense?” 
Oliver smiled a less sad smile, “That’s probably a good word, edgy”. 
Tristan added, “It’s not easy Oliver, for me it’s about never really knowing what might happen to you next”. 
I couldn’t help saying that it was like that for everyone no-one really knew what might happen to them next. 
“Well that’s true, but this is about the supernatural stuff, for a few years I kept thinking I might suddenly age, you know overnight I would become my true age for some reason, and blow away as dust in the morning breeze”, Tristan replied, and for some reason we all went silent, and for a minute or two just sat silently. 
Then suddenly Oliver agreed saying, “Yes it’s about the magic bit, the one you can’t extrapolate”. 
“Oliver if you ever need to talk, I’m here, and well, always will be if you know what I mean”. Tristan spoke again and for some reason this made us all laugh. “Seriously I mean it Oliver."
Oliver smiled, “Thanks Tristan")

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