Editing and random thoughts, editing and wanting to write instead

Right now, I am editing the fourth book in The Seven Spell Saga, “The Sealed Door”. Editing is always a worrying task because an author can still miss mistakes and ‘typos’ as the brain reads what it thinks should be there. My problem over the last two nights has been different, I found myself about half an hour into editing, each night, actually just reading the book. I think that is a good sign because I am very critical of my own work usually and was engrossed by it this time instead.
Editing takes such a long time and it has to be done over and over; I usually stop after two full edits and do not look at the book for a whole week before I start again.
I know how difficult it is for Indie writers, we have to do everything, marketing, editing, book design and artwork, updating your web site and the list goes on; it can get exhausting.
The other issue is, as a writer I always have the next book burbling away in my heart wanting to get out onto the page. Currently I have the first two chapters of other books I am writing sitting on my computer, just because some things had to be put down in black and white. They are waiting there for my attention, occasionally invading what little sleep I get with desired phrases, and a variation of a word. For the moment, I need to concentrate on editing so that “The Sealed Door” is published in June.
“The Sealed Door” sees the main characters, Tristan, Chloe, and Oliver developing their relationships with each other in much more serious ways. Whilst the previous three books have had a strong romantic theme and expressions of affection are frequent, in the fourth book it’s safe to say the romance is a ‘hundred percent stepped up’. The book is sexy.
There are also chapters that are narrated by different characters; it’s not just Chloe’s voice anymore and because of this, we learn more about Oliver and Tristan. There are some surprises in store, from the guys and the way they think. From new characters and plot twists, even from Chloe and I thought I knew her very well.
The strangeness of life coincidences is a recurrent theme in The Seven Spell Saga, I have at least two per week happen to me. When Oliver says he was singing a particular song to himself that he had not heard for years and then that very day it cropped up as the theme tune for a new high profile TV program, it is to illustrate one of the more innocuous of these kinds of coincidences.

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