Genre blending

When I was writing the first book in "The Seven Spell Saga", 'Spellbinding', I was telling the story that I had been thinking about for a long time. All the characters were already in my mind, and the basics of the plot.
I just wrote, but then I had to choose a genre, under which the series was to be published, and advertised for readers to search.
This was so hard to do, at first I thought I could only choose one genre, and in some promotional and listing ‘places’ that's still true.
I happened upon an advertisement for another book, it used the words genre blending, and hey presto I knew that's what I had done in The Seven Spell Saga. The issue of choosing a genre seemed solved in my mind, but no sooner was that resolved, than I had to decide if my books were really suitable for the young adult tag. Yikes!
I find the category 'young adult' to be so broad in its age parameters, that I heartily wish there were two parts; young adult one and young adult two, just to split the age group.
I wonder if any one else feels that way or if I am a little conservative, in what I feel might be offered for consumption to under sixteen year olds.
It's no secret that many adults like to read young adult books, and watch young adult movies; I'm one of them. The fun element, the invitation to suspend belief, and just be entertained by some novels, and movies in the genre, is what attracts me.
As The Seven Spell Saga progresses, and time passes for the characters, I know the story will move into another territory, but what will I choose to 'file' my book under then? Maybe someone can invent the category only just adult, or, just adult enough.

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