Looking for inspiration for my book covers in the rain and the sun and the rain and the sun....................

As I mentioned in an earlier post I recently went off on a trip to find inspiration for my book covers. In England, United Kingdom where castles, ruins of castles and abbeys litter the ground LOL

It was a nice day when I set off and I was travelling a couple of hundred miles that day. I reached Porchester Castle in the sun and began my photography.
In a matter of five minutes, it began to rain and didn’t stop until I reached home a day later.
I did have a great time at Porchester and the next day Pevensey Castle and Battle Abbey where I also saw the actual battlefield of the Battle of Hastings.
I couldn’t resist taking photographs of everything but the raindrops on my camera lens are evident in my pictures.
I do have some very atmospheric pictures for the next time I am designing and producing a book cover.
All my books have book covers that I have produced using photographs of the places I have visited, I enjoy this aspect of publishing my books, but I produce different versions and often have trouble deciding which ones I like best.
I always hope I have chosen the right cover and that the  idea of judging a book by its cover is not true, that people do read the blurbs and excerpts to decide if they want to read the whole book or not.
I know I do.
On my trip, I lost the detachable hood of one of my sweatshirts because it was so wet having found it in a puddle in the ruins of King Richard Second I threw it into a litterbin there. I was just so wet.
I saw an actual oubliette something I have not seen before, naturally, there was a grill over it. The dungeons at Pevensey were flooded from the rain so I didn’t get down there, but I still had a great time floating about the atmospheric ruins of Battle Abbey.
I did get some pictures before the rain and they are in new album on The Seven Spell Saga Facebook page

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