New snippet from The Sealed Door this is an important part of the story ...........

I put lots of excerpts, and free chapters up on my blog and website, as well as Amazon, Smashwords and I believe Barnes and Noble, give readers the chance to sample a book.
There are five chapters of The Seven Spell, which is book three, in The Seven Spell Saga, in PDF form to download and read on my website
I think it's good for people to have that chance to read something of the books before they buy.
I do have a problem though finding excerpts, and snippets that are not spoilers, because the books are quite dynamic, and plot heavy so chapters are easier as I can just give away the first two or three, or as I said five, for book three.
Here is a snippet from The Sealed Door book four, it's an important part of the story because of what happens directly after.
I went quickly to the side of the door, and detoured around as I had planned, when I reached the open path I ran home. I ran thinking, he called her darling, he said it out loud to her, he had kept it in his head for me. Had he gone to her as soon as he left me last night, and the night before, had he stayed until dawn because he wanted to? Was I jealous, I hurt , I did hurt because it seemed to me then, that everything he had said to me the night before had been untrue. I hurt because of that, because of everything we had said last night, and then he had gone to Anna. Had he just ignored my texts today because he was with Anna? He called her darling. I ran around the side of the house, I was out of breath from the icy air, and from running all the way home, I ran out of the side path, and onto the drive and straight into Oliver.
“Chloe, what are you doing, what’s happening, are you ok?” he had me in his arms and I was standing there just looking at him. Oliver was there, had he arrived early, I wasn’t thinking very straight. “Have you come around early Oliver?” I asked him trying to catch my breath. He looked puzzled and frowned slightly, and then he looked amused, “What’s going on Chloe have you been running around the outside of the house for some reason?” I took his hand, “Oliver sort of, I just ran a little down the garden; I thought I heard a car, are you early?”
He smiled, “I was working on a web page and suddenly I saw your picture on my desk, and I just wanted to be with you, I thought hell I’ll go now, I’m only a couple of hours early, is it ok, are you going somewhere?” he looked me up and down seeing my coat and scarf. I shook my head, “No I’m not, Oliver its lovely to see you. Come in, I’m so glad you came around early it’s so nice to see you”.
I stopped talking and let us in the front door, still getting my breath back. The house was warm and we took our coats off, I threw them over the back of a chair and turned to Oliver. He hugged me, “Chloe are you sure you are ok, you seem totally spooked, or something, I don’t know. What is it?”
 This is the fourth book in the saga, there is a preface which introduces the beginning of the book and a short piece from the third book so this book whilst being within a series can be read alone.

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