Snippet one; from The Seven Spell book three in The Seven Spell saga

I decided to start a snippet series on my blog. It will feature small excerpts from The Seven Spell Saga books. There is a danger of longer excerpts being spoilers when your books have so much happening in them, and so I thought this might be a good way of giving a taste of the books, without the longer excerpts I have been publishing.
Snippet one is from the third book in the saga; The Seven Spell available on Amazon.

The bell rang as I was just about to open the door, and when I did I was surprised to find it was Laura.

Saying hello I took her into the kitchen firstly offering her tea or coffee, she said she was fine and was not intending to stay long. I didn’t want to straight ask her what she wanted, and said come and sit in the sun then, forcing her to follow me by going out of the French windows to the kitchen patio.

She sat down and launched into it, “Chloe, I’ve come to see you because of Emma, I hope you will not be offended and I was debating should I come and see you or not, all morning and then I decided to. I’ll come straight to the point”, she said at the same time as plucking a leaf from the plant that was most reachable from where she sat.

“Emma is in love with Tristan, and I think he very much likes her too”. She was folding the leaf into a fan shape as she spoke, “the thing is, I think, well Emma thinks that you need to let Tristan go, if you do, then she is sure he will come to her, because he loves her really, its just that you are holding onto him. I mean really Chloe, you have Oliver, maybe you just need to cut Tristan free and let him find someone else. Well Emma that is”.

The leaf was letting out some kind of sap onto her fingers as she folded and unfolded it. Her perfectly manicured fingers had some green juice now down a couple of cuticles, and she took a deep breath. “I think he could love Emma if you let him go, and she is such a lovely girl and it would be good for him to be loved”. She stopped talking and looked up at me, putting the leaf down on the garden table.

 I took a deep breath and looked at her, I wanted her to see how sincere I was, and I tried to put it in my voice too, for some reason it was really important to me that she understand that. “Laura, I don’t need to cut Tristan free, he is already free, I would never, have never, stopped him from seeing Emma or anyone else for that matter, on the contrary” I stopped speaking because she was looking at me sceptically, and it was just like she was saying I was telling a lie. 


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