Snippet two from The Seven Spell Saga books; comes from the new release The Sealed Door

Here is the second snippet from a book in The Seven Spell Saga,
The Sealed Door, new release and book four in the saga, will surprise you.
In this book we hear new voices, those of Oliver Tarrant and Tristan Dearing.
So far the book has received five star reviews on Amazon.


She smiled when I mentioned Oliver and said softly, “Forgive me but I thought you and Tristan were together?”
I couldn’t be explaining things to Lily as much as I liked her. I shook my head, “It’s all a bit complicated”. I was remembering the dream anyway and felt slightly awkward as I looked at her earnest blue eyes.
She didn’t continue but stood up from the table, “I better go and finish packing up my stuff”, she smiled, and thanking me for the tea, she headed down to the big drawing room.
I considered going up to my room to do some college work but decided against it, checking if Steven had laundry and thinking about what mom had wanted me to do. I was loading a wash into the machine in the utility room, when the real little white cat appeared. It rubbed itself against my boots and I stroked its ears, they were soft as silk. I talked to it as it followed me around the place until I had finished the tidy up I was doing.
“You were in my dream last night cat, and it was quite weird, did you know in my dream you could talk, that’s funny huh?” I told it, as it sprang up onto the utility room sink draining board. It sat down and watched me, I told it not to come into my dreams again thank you very much, but that it could hang around the house if it wanted to. I stroked it again, it was real and soft and somehow comforting that it was just an ordinary but really pretty cat.

Look out for another snippet later this week.

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