Chloe's song from The Sealed Door; Oliver writes Chloe a song with Will's help . Here is the song and a preview of the next song that Oliver writes for Chloe.

In The Sealed Door, book four of The Seven Spell Saga, Oliver writes Chloe a song, he has Will and Steven's help with the melody but the words are what he feels about Chloe.
Oliver wrote another song that has not been published in this book.
I thought it would interest readers who have already bought The Sealed Door and loved it, to read the other song that Oliver wrote for Chloe.
The original song is called Chloe's Song and the band that helps with the melody and plays the song is Will Radford's band. Steven, Chloe's younger brother plays in the band, he is a talented musician, and Will is an excellent singer. Will is tall and willowy he could have been a model but he loves music. He falls in love with Liz Dearing and arranges a whole set of music just to tell her he loves her, and his band plays the set at a party. So he is the perfect musician to help Oliver write the song for Chloe.

This excerpt from The Sealed Door is Chloe describing the song and hearing the words.
The song sort of echoed a little, the words simple but the tune so lovely I listened and watched Laura and Corbett on the dance floor. They dance so close usually but to this tune they were glued together, it was almost indecent and yet they made me smile.
“I wanted you to know that it won’t be me who lets you go.
I’ll be the one to stay, I’ll never walk away, I’ll never let you go
I’ll never let you go, no matter what you do it will always be you in my heart
I’ll fight to get you back if you turn away, I’ll fight and not let go, I can’t begin to tell you how much you mean to me
It’s not easy to use ordinary words, just know I’ll never let you go and if you leave and we part you will still be in my heart
There’s no way I’ll let you go. I’ll never let you go; I’ll do anything you ask except leave you
And if you decide one day that you need to walk away, then my heart will rip in two and one half will go with you, because some part of me must stay with you, you know I’ll never leave you.
I love you dearly, my heart belongs to you clearly”
The little chorus echoed under the instrumental break in the song,
“Lose you, lost in you, love you, lose you lose myself, lost without you”
It was sad and happy at the same time. I was impressed with the melody and thought the words were really sweet. Oliver had been silent and then he whispered in my ear, “Is it too much? I wrote it with Will for you Chloe, its how I feel”. I turned my head to be face to face with him, “You wrote it with Will? It’s lovely, lovely”, I kissed him quickly and he smiled and sighed. “I wrote the words, Will the melody and Steven too helped he got the little tune for the chorus to go with the little echo words, I hoped you would like it and not think it too much”.
I had hold of one of his hands and slipped my other arm around him, “Oliver it’s the loveliest thing, thank you so much”. 

Something happens in The Sealed Door and without putting up a spoiler for this book and the next, the words of Oliver's new song for Chloe, lays bare his feelings during that time.

For "Chloe if only she will listen"

If you answered the phone, you would know
How I miss you
All my messages fall into silence
The phone doesn't ring but
The worst is I miss you
And it gets worse every day
And will not go away
Even though I try to do other things
Try to change my thoughts and the places I go
It's all just a lie
I only just get by
I miss you
When I talk to my friends the conversation just ends
As that's all I can say, that I miss you
I see the looks on their faces
They just walk away
They are tired of me and the words  that I say
It gets worse every day
It just can't go away, I miss you

This song is finished and given to Chloe in book five, not yet available.