Book Cover reveal for the second edition books

Cover reveal
These second edition versions of the first two books will be available only on Smashwords and distributed to Apple, Sony, Kobo, Barnes and Noble nook.
Slightly abridged and re-edited.
The cover reveal below.
 And the book that started it all,

When Chloe McGarry moves from her home in California to an English estate rich in history, she isn't sure what to expect. She never dreamed she'd get caught up in a mystery that has lasted for more than eight hundred years, nor that she'd fall in love with two gorgeous guys.
Chloe's never been lucky in love that is until she meets Oliver Tarrant. He's charming, interested in her and amazing looking.
Her new home holds many mysteries. Out one day exploring the grounds she stumbles across Tristan Dearing. Tristan is enigmatic and beautiful. Initially hostile he tries to keep himself apart from Chloe until she uncovers his secret; a secret he has been keeping for 800 years.
As Chloe helps him unravel the secrets kept from him in the past by his family they fall in love.
Who can resist the enigmatic and beautiful knight Tristan Dearing and then again, who can resist falling in love with the charismatic and loving Oliver Tarrant?
As Chloe, Oliver and Tristan form an unexpected alliance they must work together to save each other from the 800 year old magic spell which threatens to destroy Tristan forever.
Chloe must travel back in time to save Tristan and find the real reason Oliver looks so familiar to them both.
Will Chloe's life ever be the same again?
Will Oliver’s life ever be the same and what does the future hold for the three friends and lovers?
This is the beginning of a love story that so far spans five books.
A story sprinkled with romance, magic, danger, love, intrigue, jealously and the influence of the past.
Adult paranormal romance genre this series is not recommended for under eighteens.

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