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Yes I have been at it again changing covers. I just have to do it now, it's almost become an addiction.
This time it is for the Second edition of the Combined book on Amazon.
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Saturday Snippet from The Task book five in The Seven Spell Saga

"I love the books. I am in book four. I always thought the series would be seven books since it is The Seven Spell Saga. I hope you do make it seven books. Great series". Visit the Facebook page
 Saturday Snippet from The Task
Tristan started to kiss me, he kissed me over and over until I felt I couldn’t keep my hands from him and I pulled his T-shirt up to be able to run my hands along his bare skin. He made a little sound, and we started to undress each other. He told me he had missed me so much when I was away that he thought his heart would break and that he wanted me now more than he could think about let alone say.
“Tell me you forgive me”, he asked.
I stopped kissing his neck and shoulder to do that and I said it a couple of times as I kissed him. It was hard not to just keep going and make love to him but I had to ask him to forgive me too. I thought he needed to realize he wasn’t the total bad guy in what had happened. We kissed each other and whispered this stuff until without knowing how it happened the intensity that sometimes develops between us overwhelmed me and I had to make love to him.
He held me close after and talked about the task we were to do for Aristide and how he genuinely didn’t expect the spell to work. It seemed so radical an expectation that he could be the catalyst for a new time travel portal simply by standing in the waterfall pool. I smiled at him, it seemed perfectly possible to me, he was very special, and his connection to the waterfall was strong.
“Tristan I think it will work but my doubts come from if he can bend it away to a different time, you know, I think we may end up in 1190 again and maybe I will take some toothpaste after all”. I smiled again knowing I already had some in my bag, and seeing his serious expression, I kissed him. He was so lovely; his eyes seemed very blue in my pale table lamplight.
“Maybe that will happen and we will have to hang out for the seven hours in the forest, it will be cold there now too”, he raised his eyebrows slightly to indicate how unpleasant that might be.
I kissed him again because Tristan in bed with you is just magnetic. We didn’t go to sleep until it was nearly light and then we must have just fallen asleep as we cuddled each other.
It was about eleven thirty when we woke up and started grinning at each other about how late it was. It was good to be close to Tristan again, and I held his face in my hands and told him, “Tristan, I love you and I need you in my life, and I will never give up on that again, so expect a fight next time not a withdrawal. Well if there is a next time”.
“There will not be a next time Chloe. It was foolish of me to assume you and Oliver were, well, what I said. He never admitted anything and that’s a good thing because it was unfair of me to ask”.
He kissed me and I kissed him but at the same time a little thought came into my head, he had decided Oliver and I were not making love, so perhaps it still mattered to him.
Then he continued with, “Chloe making love with you is always special but last night, well, it was completely extraordinary. You put all your feelings in my head and it was like a sensation avalanche. I have to tell you because you may feel weird about it and it seems wrong not to tell you, but I hope you don’t feel weird, because it echoed how I was feeling and it was absolutely the best thing I have ever felt”. He looked questioningly at me, a gentle caring look that stopped me from freaking out. I didn’t know I had done that and I felt weird just as Tristan had thought I might.
“Tristan that is odd, it seems like an invasion of your mind, did you hear words or what?” I asked because although I didn’t remember thinking words I knew how I felt when I was with Tristan was very passionate.
He grinned and then kissed me, and said softly, “Not words, feelings, like bursts of sensation, don’t stop doing it; it’s the best thing I have ever felt. It’s unbelievably sexy”.
I thought for a few seconds because wow, and then I replied, “Tristan, I seem to have done it unconsciously so I probably can’t stop, tell me if it does become a problem”.
Tristan laughed and hugged me, “I will, but I can’t imagine it becoming a problem. In fact I think it might become addictive, I feel a craving for it now”. He kissed me again but I sat up quickly.
“Tristan we have to get up, come on I will take you home, look its past twelve”.

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