Sample Sunday excerpt from the third book in The Seven Spell Saga

Chapter Four of The Seven Spell book three of The Seven Spell Saga

I was awake at seven but after checking the time on my cell I turned over and closed my eyes again, I just felt so tired.
Despite my best efforts I could not go back to sleep. My mind just kept churning around the whole problem of the times that the time travel portal might actually open. I wanted most of all to find out what was going on so that it would be of some help to Tristan. I looked at the time; almost eight and I suddenly decided to go down there and threw back my duvet, diving out of bed. I would test the portal now, if it opened every seven hours it was due to open at nine, by my calculations.
I was thinking of calling Oliver as I cleaned my teeth and then I decided I would go on my own. Dressed in jeans and a shirt, I grabbed a couple of apples and a peach from the fruit dish, I had nothing else to test the portal with at my disposal so fruit would have to do. I figured it would do as well as anything and actually might be less conspicuous since it was natural. I got a plastic bag out of the re-cycle tub in the utility room to carry them and left the house.
It did not take long to get to the waterfall. I was on a mission, and at the poolside I got out my cell phone to check the time, five minutes to go. I bet to myself that they would be the longest five minutes I had ever encountered as I positioned myself close but not too close to the thick reedy pad that seemed to act as the portal.
I would throw in the apple at exactly nine, a peach at seven seconds, and the last apple at seven minutes, calculating that if it all worked then four this afternoon would be the next slot to test. Let’s get this sorted out I thought as I looked at my phone for the countdown to nine o’clock. At exactly nine I threw in the apple, and for a split second I thought it was not working, and then it disappeared. I accidentally let go of the peach too and it disappeared.
I was thinking well I still have this apple for the seven-minute slot and I got the apple ready to throw, when I heard a cry, not a loud cry but with a definite note of surprise. I turned around and unbelievably on the pad of reeds, well actually taking a step from the reeds was a young man.
I very nearly swore, because what the hell, as Oliver would say. The guy was dressed in a dark blue tunic over some kind of dark hose and he had ankle boots on, well that’s what I am calling them. He had a belt around the tunic that was patterned in blue and red. Over his shoulder, he had a fabric bag and in his hands, he held the apple and the peach. He was quite good looking, his hair was sort of a light brown, and was cut quite short for a guy from the eleven hundreds. I took this in whilst he stepped towards me, he seemed surprised and a little wary but not terrified. I figured he didn’t know what had happened to him. I still had my cell in my hand and as he spoke, I called Tristan. If Tristan had his voicemail on, I was going to be in trouble.
The young guy was a couple of steps in front of me; he was speaking that Norman French stuff although it sounded slightly different from the way Tristan spoke. He looked at the phone in my hand against my ear and then looked me up and down; his eyes were the same pretty, blue grey as Will Radford’s eyes. This guy was not a fearful groom from the Dearing castle. He must be higher up on the social ladder I thought. I smiled at him because a smile is universal right.
He looked at me suspiciously, as I heard Tristan answer his phone and in a rush I said, “Tristan I am at the pool, I was testing the portal, and someone has come through it, a young man. Wait no, no sign of a weapon, he’s speaking your language, well tell me something to say to him; sorry what repeat it, word-by-word Tristan, Tchi qu’est vote naom?”
Looking at the young guy I said this, and I hoped it had come out right but seriously, it was so hard to say, so I waited for him to reply.
He smiled even though I had to say the words a couple of times, and then he replied.
“Mon naom est Corbett, tchi qu’est vote naom?”
Yikes, I knew he had told me his name and if I was not mistaken, he had asked mine. I tried to emulate the ‘mon naom est’ part but it sounded a bad rendition and added Chloe. He seemed to get it and repeated Chloe. Tristan was still on the phone and almost yelling what’s happening, the stress of the whole thing made me giggle and the young guy smiled, and offered me the apple. I very nearly fell about laughing at that but managed to talk to Tristan, “Tell me how to say come with me”, I asked him.
“No”, Tristan said. “I am already on my way, I will be there very soon, stay there, be careful”.
“Wait Tristan which way are you coming, drive to my place take the top path and the bank”.
“I am, Chloe, I’ll be there soon”.
I put my phone in my pocket and stood looking at the newest addition from the eleven hundreds. He was still happy, and he again offered me the apple, so I showed him the one I had not had time to throw, and he smiled and bit into the other one so I just held mine. He chewed then he spoke again, naturally I couldn’t understand and I just smiled at him again. At this rate, he would think he had happened upon the village idiot. Why didn’t he realize the landscape had changed, maybe he was the village idiot. At just that moment, he did realize his surroundings were different and I could see the change in his emotions on his face. I held my free hand out to him because he started to look afraid. Looking at him as kindly as I could, I kept my hand held out, maybe he would get the picture, and I could get him up the bank to the top path. He didn’t get the picture. He stepped back and I said his name to him and smiled. I tried a little bow, just to seem courteous and non-threatening and then I pointed up the bank and held out my hand again. This was hard going, I was going to have to learn some of this Norman French I thought, and then he took my hand and put it on his arm, and stepped towards the bank where I had pointed. He must have thought I needed help to get up the path. It was harder to get up the bank with my hand on this guy’s arm than it was on a wet day with two hands free, but I kept going grabbing at a bit of fern here and there to help myself up.
Suddenly who should be crashing down the bank in front of us but Tristan. This new time traveller to his credit stepped in front of me as if to shield me and said something like arĂȘte or arrow as well as other words to the person who suddenly became visible to him as Tristan.
Tristan was smiling and talking to the young man; they clasped arms for a second and then Tristan was leading the way up the bank and I still had to receive the dubious help from Corbett as we followed.
At the top path I heaved a sigh of relief.
“Tristan stop now and tell me what’s going on, do you know this guy as well?”
A review from Amazon reader
5 stars
Another fantastic addition to the series.

So much going on in this book that it’s hard to know where to start, and what not to put to avoid a spoiler. If you’ve read the first two in the series, then you’ll adore this addition – and I would recommend you read them in order.

All the magic, romance and mystery, this time with the addition of some gentle comedy.

As the portal becomes a little wayward, Chloe, Oliver and Tristan struggle to cope with an influx of visitors from Norman times. How to either integrate them into the 21st century, or get them back without causing a time paradox, poses a unique challenge for the three friends, and the erratic nature of the portal only adds to the headache.

And as if that wasn’t enough to cope with, Tristan’s relatives become difficult, throwing money problems and legal issues into the equation – which when you’re 800 years old with no believable documentation to support your claim can be somewhat awkward.

And of course the romance is as sizzling as ever. I enjoyed seeing Chloe start to lose a little of her innocence, and the gentle way the author shows her realising the effect she might be having on the two boys. She’s much more sweet and innocent than I was at that age (or maybe I was just a teenage wild child).

So it’s straight on to Book 4 for me. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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