Three kisses from The Sealed Door book four in The Seven Spell Saga who is kissing who?

Today for Sample Sunday there are three snippets from The Sealed Door book four of The Seven Spell Saga:
 Three Kisses

He nodded and let go of my hand and we each got off my bed at the respective sides, which somehow made me smile, and I went into the bathroom and washed my face. I brushed my hair too and put it in a clip; I picked up a sweater that I had left on the chair in my bathroom.
Tristan was waiting for me by my window, he turned as I approached him putting my sweater on; it caught the clip in my hair and pulled out most of my hair from the clip. Tristan smiled at me and gathered the escaped hair, he took the clip out and put it back in properly and then kissed me. It was one of the most sensual things I had ever felt, his hands in my hair and the way he kissed me after putting the clip in my hair. I closed my eyes, and he kissed me again.


I was willing to believe that, I nodded and was about to turn away when she shuddered, and a tear came down her cheek and went into the corner of her mouth. I watched it and wanted very much to kiss it away. This was diabolical I thought, I couldn’t be thinking that sort of thing and then I just leaned over to her and kissed her. I was acting like some kind of idiot and I stood up then, “I’m sorry Lily I don’t know what that was about”.
She just nodded but I saw the tiniest smile come and go on her lovely lips, she had liked being kissed.

“I hope it never happens Chloe, I am really waiting for you to choose me, I seem to be less able to hide my feelings now for some reason”, he said softly and then smiled before he kissed me, which was so heart melting I didn’t want it to end.
He told me he loved me against my lips, and I found myself running my fingers up inside his shirt against his skin, it was easy to do; his shirts were never tucked in. He sighed and leaned back a little to look at me, “Chloe it’s not easy to think you kiss Oliver like this, I have to ask you, do you, I mean do you kiss Oliver like this?”
I didn’t want to talk about Oliver, it just wasn’t right, and I was surprised Tristan was going this way, “Tristan what’s brought this on, you seem so saddened?”

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