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Today for Sample Sunday we welcome author Alisa Jeruconoka
Alisa Jeruconoka is the YA Author of "Unparallel Worlds".

Although throughout college and University I had a reputation for writing really good stage plays for the drama department to perform, it was only when I left University that I decided I wanted to write books for a career. On leaving though, as with all students these days, I was burdened with heavy debts so I had to find paid work before even thinking about following my dream.
Then about 2 years ago (and at a point in when I had paid off all my student debts and had some savings) I happened to take my niece to the bookstore. I was shocked to see that there was a real lack in genres available for her to choose from in the young adult section. Nearly all the books that we saw were urban fantasies about vampires and werewolves. It was then that I decided I would take a career break and write a book that was nothing like the ones on the shelves. The result was Unparallel Worlds.  
With thousands of followers even before release and rave reviews on Amazon within the first month of publishing, YA Fantasy Fiction Novel Unparallel Worlds is fast gaining a reputation as a new type of fantasy fiction for young adults.
From the outside you could be forgiven for thinking that ‘’Unparallel Worlds’’ is a traditional fantasy book that is typical of the ones that have recently filled the shelves for young adults…but be prepared for very pleasant surprise. ‘’Unparallel Worlds’’ is unique as it also mixes into it science fiction that also educates young adults on the wonders of the universe as well as the advances made in genetic engineering.

The story is set on a distant planet called Adriana. On this planet two civilizations exist in parallel dimensions and they are called Light and Darkness. A chance meeting between the two triggers a series of events that threatens their future so a gang of weird and wonderful characters from both sides assemble and set out on an epic adventure to save their planet – only to soon realise they will be saving the universe as well!

‘Unparallel Worlds’ Excerpt:

The Castle, of the Kingdom of Darkness, was a stone fortification built that looked rather more like a prison than a palace. From a distance, it resembled the bow of a ship; it was surrounded by a ditch that was filled with horrific creatures that would devour any who trespassed or any that desired attack on the palace. From time to time they would jump out of the water for oxygen, before making their way back into the murky depths and anyone passing by who had never seen them would be shocked and scared and often never walked past the palace as closely again.
Gurvo was a slave, a slave of Zalion, The King of Darkness who lived in the palace. He was working today for the king’s sons. Zalion’s sons scared him as they were killing machines. They were hybrids of different species – plants, animals, birds and insects, the best of these genes had been implanted into their cells as surrogate babies and the result was terrifying, not only in their character but also their appearance. This was true except for one of the sons, Leonardo. He wasn’t like the other brothers as there was rumour that he had a beating heart, he also cared for his slaves.
Gurvo looked up; there was only a hundred meters or so to climb before he got to this secret place.
Slowly climbing the last few meters, Gurvo started to realise that something was wrong. Gurvo almost jumped the last few hurdles for he did not want to fall from the vibration…
It felt like a year’s sleep but Gurvo managed to slowly open his eyes.
After spending his life in internal night Gurvo’s eyes were large and all seeing and now that he had accustomed to this new world Gurvo was both shocked and awed by the colours around him.
He did not know where he was or what to do he needed a plan and just when he became comfortable sitting down he saw the most horrible creature enter the water. It was thin with long golden hair and glowing skin and looked weak. Gurvo knew that this horrible creature would not survive in the water too long for it did not have the webbed feet and scales needed for a water existence, Gurvo edged forward to get a better look, he stumbled on a branch....

Aurelia, the Princess of Light, couldn’t get rid of the unpleasant feeling that somebody was watching her. The look in the eyes was first curious, then intrusive, then wanting...
Aurelia jumped out of the water quickly and wrapped her golden tunic around her and started to run back to the Palace.
When Aurelia reached the Palace, she went straight to her parents quarters, eager to tell them about what she had seen, however the voices and what they were saying inside her parents quarters made her pause and listen. A heated discussion between her parents was ensuing inside. They used the mysterious word THEM and that the Empire need THEIR energy to survive.
Aurelia was confused by her parent’s conversation. She did not feel that this was a good time to disturb them and tell them her own news. Aurelia decided that she would do this tomorrow so instead she went to her own quarters to sleep.
That night Aurelia slept disturbingly. She awoke in the morning and although her dreams were unpleasant she thought that today was the palace masquerade made her feel better.
Impatiently Aurelia managed to hold her excitement until the masquerade started and now she was dressed and ready for it.
She glanced at the endless row of dancers that awaited her and cursed under her breath for wearing high heels, they would be no good for dancing or impressing anyone.
After stumbling her way through the first few dances, Aurelia composed herself, she was determined to impress her next partner, she would try her best not to step on his toes or stumble on her dress. She waited only a few moments and then it was time to dance with her next partner. She didn’t look up; she knew it was him. His arms rested confidently on her waist and then their eyes met…

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