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 Tell us a little about yourself.

"I was born, raised and still live in sunny south-east Queensland. I come from a large, wonderful family and am married with two dogs and a cat. I've been writing for as long as I can remember but found fantasy through role-playing and Dungeons & Dragons - since then I've never looked back. I love to read and write fantasy - the escapism is wonderful. I have degrees in Ancient History, where I specialised in Egyptology, and Comparative Religions, where I specialised in ancient pagan religions. I incorporate a lot of that into my work, using old myths and legends and religious practices.  To relax I like boxing and yoga and go horse riding when I get the chance.  I’m currently undertaking my Masters degree in religion at the University of Queensland."

Today I feature Tracey's book, The Witchcraft Wars; Erich's Plea

The Kingdoms of Kaynos have been at peace for nearly a thousand years. Now the ambitions of a dark sorceress armed with a new, deadly type of magic called witchcraft threaten to tear the Kingdoms to pieces. Meanwhile, locked deep in the bowels of Zeaburg's infamous, horror-filled subterranean prison the young druid Slade is haunted by a strange, recurring dream. A dream in which his beloved father, High King Erich of Vestland, pleads for Slade's help. Convinced of the dreams truth Slade must somehow attempt the impossible and escape the inescapable Zeaburg prison in order to find and save his father. Gathering an unlikely assortment of allies along the way Slade must not only find a way out of Zeaburg prison but must also find a way to prevent what threatens to be the bloodiest, most brutal war in the history of all the Kingdoms of Kaynos. Will an unimaginable alliance, an unlikely friendship and a forbidden love be enough to save the Kingdoms of Kaynos?

Gingerly Slade eased himself into a sitting position on the small pallet with its infested straw that served as a bed for him in this tiny prison cell.  His eyes were still swollen almost shut, pain accompanied every breath he took caused Slade was certain by at least one, if not more broken ribs.

Text Box: Slade      Despite his growing certainty that his beloved father was in some kind of trouble, Slade couldn’t help but wonder how any trouble his father might be in could possibly be worse than his own current predicament.

     It had been a little over two months now since he had last seen the sun. Travelling through the Duchy of Karameikos, he had been arrested, tried and convicted as a spy.  It was obvious that the charge was ridiculous but the Duchy had no allegiance to any of The Kingdoms and so tended to make its own rules.  Initially Slade had not been terribly concerned, convinced he would be able to escape sooner rather than later.

     Unfortunately the opportunity had not presented itself before he had been placed in the bowels of a ship headed for this wicked island prison in Ostland.  Once on board any attempted escape was impossible.  Not only was the distance required to reach the shore too far for him to swim, but he had also discovered that, in the deep ocean, he suffered from debilitating seasickness.

     Two months ago he had arrived at Ostland’s Zeaburg prison complex and been taken to this subterranean dungeon with its smooth stone walls, mazes of corridors, little or no lighting and the constant smell of death, blood, waste and decay in his nostrils.  He had been alternatively beaten and tortured for hours on a daily basis.  His own screams blending with the cries, screams and moans of the other, unseen, sufferers in Zeaburg's nightmarish torture chambers.

     The horrors here were so great that even the rats eschewed Zeaburg, although the fleas showed no similar scruples and were an additional constant torment.  His body was covered head to toe with tiny bites from the multitudes of the awful creatures.  Slade would not have believed it was possible for a place like Zeaburg prison to exist if he had not seen it with his own eyes.  It well deserved its evil reputation.


Short Chat from Tracey : My father died shortly before my sixteenth birthday and this was, obviously, one of the major events of my life.  When I was older I cared for my mother, who had a rare type of blood cancer that progressed very slowly.  Watching my father die suddenly and my mother die slowly by degrees impacted my life enormously and they were major factors in my writing Erich’s Plea.  
 The underlying theme of the whole Witchcraft Wars series is the question of how far would you go, how much would you sacrifice to save someone you love.  I was unable, of course, to save either my father or my mother, but in The Witchcraft Wars Slade and Ursula do have the opportunity to save their father if they’re prepared to sacrifice enough.  I think that the emotional realism of my own experiences comes through in the novels in addition to the knowledge I gained from my University studies helped me to create a really realistic world environment and very three dimensional characters. 

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