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Tiffany Berry was born in Ipswich, England. She currently lives in small southern town in Kentucky, with her husband, two kids, dog and four horses. She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, horseback riding, and spending time with her family. 
Eternal Changes is the first novel in the Mikah Series, and the second novel, Unleashed, is scheduled to be released on 6 September 2012. 

‘Eternal Changes: The Mikah Series’
Paranormal / Urban Fantasy (YA 18–24)
After the sudden death of her father Lucy Walden’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to move to a small southern town. As she struggles with her new surroundings, Lucy finds out the world she once thought she belonged to was nothing more than a ruse to cover up a dark secret. She is a Mikah, a cross breed of two creatures from different worlds at war with each other.

Ashton Crawford, a Halfling, isn’t fazed by anyone or anything until Lucy glides into his life. He wonders why being in her presence brightens up his cold dreary existence. With a wave of his hand he lights up the dark caverns of his home and shows Lucy what life is like among the Dragomir vampires.

Two worlds, brought together by Lucy’s disappearance must find a way to overcome their mutual hatred for each other or watch as one of the darkest vampires rises and destroys not only Lucy, but the race they both sworn to protect.
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Read the excerpt from Eternal Changes
“Welcome to Euphranor,” Malachi said. “World of the shifters. Very few know where it’s located or how to get here.”
Ashton had heard stories of Euphranor and how beautiful it was. The stories didn’t do the scene before him justice.
The trees of the forest were gigantic. The diameter of each trunk was the size of a large building on Earth. Their branches were the size of small trees and several exotic flowers of every color bloomed from the depths of their green leaves. The leaves glistened in the sunlight as if it had just rained, but the ground was completely dry.
Ashton walked over to smell a royal blue and gold fuzzy flower hanging off of one of the lower branches. He leaned forward, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His eyes popped open and his eyebrows scrunched down in confusion. There was no smell.
“Guid day, whit the bludy heel is gonnae oan haur,” a voice, with a Scottish accent, boomed.
Ashton spun around, scanned the area, and glanced over at Malachi. “What was that?”
Malachi shrugged his shoulders and Ashton turned around, looking at the flower in front of him. He lurched back as the flower popped off the tree and flew into the air. The flower changed midair into some odd looking creature. It’s long, droopy ears puffed out as it glided to the ground. Its gold eyes glared at Ashton.
“Ye dornt see me a walkin’ around smellin’ ye, dae ye?” the creature demanded as it stalked forward, waving its long, vine-like finger at Ashton.
“Och, boy…. haur we go again,” another voice, with a Scottish accent, chirped.
A gold and black flower shifted into the same kind of creature. It’s golden and black body shimmered as its oversized vine-like feet clung to the branch. Its black eyes stared over at Ashton. “Ye got heem started an’ it’ll be a bit afair he staps.”
The blue creature’s golden eyes narrowed. “Ye stay outta it Mischuff! Females hae nae business in a male’s affairs.”
The gold creature rolled its black eyes as it flipped off the branch and glided to the forest floor. “If ye say sae, Phitz. It’d nae be sae bad if ye didne bite ‘eryone’s heed off ye come across.”
Ashton looked from the blue creature to the golden creature. “What are you?”
Mischuff smiled up at him, showing off teeth that sparkled like diamonds. “Me and Phitz, we’re Eirian. Some ay th’ best creatures yoo’ll eva hae th’ pleasure ay meetin’.”
Phitz scowled as he glared at Ashton. “An’ we hae the displeasure of a meetin’ ye. Ah was sleepin’ soondly afair ye rudely awoke me.”
Ashton knelt down. “My apologies to you both.” He looked at Phitz and then Mischuff. “I’m new to this world and I didn’t mean to disturb you.”
A horn bellowed in the distance and Phitz’s ears perked up. Phitz rubbed his gold viney hands together as he licked his lips. “It’s ‘ime tae eat!”
Excitement flared in Mischuff’s black eyes. “Ye dornt got tae teel me twice!”
Ashton backed up as the Eirians spun, flinging dirt, as they burrowed into the ground. Mischuff and Phitz took off underground, causing the dirt to rise up on the forest floor. It reminded Ashton of what was left behind after a mole dug into the ground.
Ashton turned around and listened. A soft whizzing sound floated through the air. He arched an eyebrow and looked at Malachi. “Where’s that sound coming from?”
Malachi leaned against a tree and shrugged his shoulders.
Ashton looked up. Several fairies in a myriad of colors floated down from the trees and circled around him. Each of their bodies was a different solid color, but their iridescent wings sparkled in a collage of blues, purples, pinks, and yellows. They clapped their small hands as they danced and spun in all directions as they opened their mouths and started singing. Goosebumps rose up on Ashton’s arms. The melodious sound that left their small lips tinkled and chimed through the forest. He closed his eyes and he swayed in rhythm to the music as the tension eased out of his shoulders. It was the most beautiful song that had ever graced his ears. The music ceased and Ashton opened his eyes. The fairies had vanished.

Copyright Tiffany Berry 2012 All rights reserved

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