Chloe McGarry gives an interview. Welcome to the blog Chloe.

Welcome Chloe, I’m surprised to see you, since you did once say you would never give an interview.

Thank you for inviting me, and it’s a pleasure to be here. I felt I wanted to do an interview as the saga is coming to a close.

Give up three of your deepest, darkest secrets.
Oh no, I had hoped we would have a less frightening opening to the questions.
Three secrets,
       I don’t want to get married ever to anyone
       I don’t want to stop seeing either Oliver or Tristan, so I want them both (smiles)
       I hate my name

We never see your face and the picture you have provided for this interview is still not a face shot why is that?
It’s the same as only seeing half of Tristan’s face. We would be recognized where we live, we just can’t have it. Oliver doesn’t agree he thinks no one we know will read this blog or the books.

If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?

You’re kidding?
You’re not.
Well how could I possibly want more than I have but I came to answer the questions so I think given the things I get up to invisibility might be the way to go.

If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
I live where I want to be. As long as I am on the Dearing estate I’m happy.

Just answer these questions as quickly as possible.

Chocolate or vanilla?----- Vanilla

Dog or cat?----Cat

The film or the book?----- the book

What’s your favorite flavor of pizza?---- Tomato

What’s your favorite food? Cake (laughs)

What kind of car would you have if money was no object?
You know I love my old Jeep Wrangler but I’d have a new one, hard top because it’s colder in the UK than in California.

Jeans or dress? jeans

Heels or flats? boots

Beach or Ski resort?
Beach (grins)

Flowers or chocolate?

You say in the first book that your favorite color is blue has that changed at all over the last three years.

Yes I’ve started to really like purple too now.
Partly because of a dress I bought and went to dinner in with Tristan, and partly because of how cool Dale looks in purple and the boots she has given me that are purple.

Is there anything you would have changed about the way the books are written? Would the writer have listened to you?

In retrospect, and I know the writer feels like this too, we would have used a less conversational style. I think the writer might be going to go through each book and formalize the writing a bit more because it can be taken for something other than a report of my life and how I tell my story.
The writer did listen and that’s why it’s a conversational style even when Oliver and Tristan begin to join in the telling. I think it began to change in book four and five.
I know book six started to be completely different because the writer decided to formalize things a bit more.
You can see two things though in the way it’s written now, one is how I grow up, and two is how exciting everything has been.

You get the chance to have the author change your name what will it be?—
That’s a weird question since I told you I didn’t like my name. I think I’d like something that is less popular. It feels like every other girl is called Chloe now. Maybe I’d like an old name like Maud, or Emily, or a place name. A friend of mine is called Arizonna, yes that’s right two n’s. I don’t know really.

5. What do you think of the author?
I think she’s brave. She has stuck with what we’ve told her of our story. I think she’s writing about that soon on this blog. Our whole story is really a love story, and that’s why she’s brave because she’s put out there the notion that you can love two people, and I do.

6. How do you feel about the book you're in?
It’s a little weird seeing your life out there in front of the world? I feel in awe of the whole adventure. I mean who would have thought that all this would happen when I moved here from LA.

7. How do you see your future? Without giving anything away.
We’re committed to telling the last part of the adventure. It’ll be a bit of a surprise, although I understand Oliver was over here telling secrets a few weeks ago. After that we might give the author another couple of our stories to tell.

8. Let's say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
I hope they don’t make a movie. The story is much too personal for it to be a movie. It’s my life and it might draw attention to us, although all the real places we live have been disguised by the writer. I would actively protest against a movie being made.

9. What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least?
I like my compassion, and my just do it attitude. I don’t like the way I can lie without missing a beat, but you know I’ve had to because otherwise people who I love might have been hurt.

11. You come across as a clean freak in some of the books would you say that is true?
Do I? Well maybe I am, but only a little, (smiles)

12. Oliver Tarrant told us that the cover of book seven is going to change because you kicked up about Tristan not being on it, do you have any comment?
It had Bartholomew, and Dale on it, and Oliver with me plus the magic storm Dale creates. I couldn’t let that happen. It’s been scrapped. The new one will have Tristan on there, I mean please he’s got to be on it.

13. How did you meet the writer?
I met her on the plane over from LA, and then weirdly saw her again in a coffee shop in town after a few things had happened to me. We just got talking because she loves old places, and in the end I started to tell her my story, and she began to record it.

Can you share one of your favorite parts of the books?
There are so many things that have happened to me that’s hard.
I’ll choose two if you don’t mind.
  1. I think it’s when I came back from California, where I disappeared to when Tristan had left town. Here’s a little part of our meeting again when I came home to the Dearing estate. It’s from The Task.

Tristan had tried hard, and kept his distance all the time Oliver had been with us, but now he stood up as I came into the kitchen, he made a little sound like a whispered ‘uh’, and clasped me to him. I held him close as he pressed his face against my neck and then turned it into a kiss. It was totally gorgeous and made me come out in goose pimples. I also started to smile and moved to hold his face and kiss his lips. “Tristan”, I said his name, and he looked at me.
“Chloe, do I have to wait until tomorrow to spend some time with you, to talk about what a complete idiot I was. I know it’s late but could you find an hour maybe for me?” He seemed about to kiss me and then stopped to wait for my answer.
“Tristan let’s take my netbook upstairs, we can talk in my room, I think we need that privacy, mom will be along soon to make herself coffee”.
He nodded; I closed the lid of my netbook, and holding it in one hand took hold of Tristan’s hand with the other.
In my room I placed the computer on my desk, and turned to Tristan, I was thinking I really needed to hold him close. I moved closer thinking how blue his eyes were, how much I had missed him, and he started to kiss me. It felt as if we had never been apart, as I kissed him I was thinking how much I loved him and wanted him, how much I cared about him. He suddenly moved away from me and walked to the window, he looked out into the darkness, and then without turning around he started to speak.
“Chloe, I wish I had not gone away. I wish I had come back sooner. I wish I had done what Oliver asked of me, and called you. I just hope you forgive me, and I so hope there is a chance that you might understand what happened. I know it was ridiculous and I actually don’t know now what I was thinking of”.
I wanted to comfort him despite anything that had happened, because I had left too. I was no angel in this whole situation. I walked to the window and hugged him. I thought let me hold you, let me love you and he bent his head to mine and kissed me.
It was very intense; it was so good to be kissing Tristan again that I let myself focus on the feel of his lips and his hands on my waist. I wanted to forget everything that had happened and get back to being close to him. I unbuttoned his shirt a little and kissed along the base of his neck; he moved back from me.
“Talk to me about leaving, about my leaving, about things” he whispered.
I took his hand, sighing, “Ok come and sit down”, but I meant lie down and I led him to my bed. We sat side by side and he held my hand in both of his, he looked down at my hand in his and shook his head. “It’s so hard to think I did that ridiculous thing. I mean really after all I had ever said, do you have any comment at all Chloe?”
I moved my left hand, which he was not holding, along his upper arm, trying to give comfort, “Tristan, only that I am so thankful it’s over, that I love you dearly and felt totally distraught every day I was without you. Maybe we could just forget it”, I said softly. I didn’t know what else to say. Oliver and I had just fallen back into loving each other and behaving just the way we always did. I wanted that to happen with Tristan too. I put my head against his shoulder and thought, Tristan I will always love you no matter what.
He smiled a little sadly, as he turned his head to me, and whispered “I will always love you too, no matter what”.
Copyright Tessa Stokes 2011

  1. It’s when I’ve been stabbed and Tristan takes care of me.

From Book three The Seven Spell:

When we went back to the table Oliver was grinning at us, and began saying he had expected Tristan to be able to dance like Corbett, but he guessed that Tristan was better at horse riding than dancing.
Oliver danced with Clare as James and Tristan started talking about the sealed door under the hunting lodge. I listened interested because maybe now Tristan had the deeds to his house he wanted to get the door opened.
I looked around for Lily or Samantha because I wanted some bottled water, but not seeing either of them, I began walking up to the counter at the back of the room to ask for some.
It happened really quickly, one minute I realized Emma was in front of me and she was saying, “Tristan his mine, I love”, and the next minute she had stuck a knife into me. I had turned, ironically to hear her better, and the knife missed my stomach because of this, and went into the soft part of my body between the top of my hipbone and bottom of my ribs. I was shocked because I felt the cold metal go into my body and she grimaced at me. “You dead now”.
I hadn’t realized she spoke any English, even heavily accented, and I thought strangely, perhaps she had learned these broken phrases especially to say to me, as I watched her expression.
I swallowed as she carried on walking as if nothing had happened and I put my hands over the handle of the knife she had stabbed me with. I turned around feeling dizzy, and my mouth had dried up. I found the crowd parted a little as I went towards the table where my jean jacket was draped over the seat I was using. Tristan was still talking to James. I grabbed my jean jacket and put it against my body. I didn’t know if I was bleeding. I knew it couldn’t kill me but it hurt and I felt queasy. Somehow, Tristan realized something was wrong and stood up looking at me.
“I’m not feeling well. I’m going to get some fresh air”, I said as loudly as I could, and it sounded like a whisper to me, but James turned, and looked at me.
“You do look pale Chloe, even in this light”.
Tristan said, “I’ll go with her, James will you tell Oliver when he comes back please”.
He had come around the table to me and we somehow got through the room to the front door and out into the night air. It was crisp and quite cold. I went straight to the wall just up from the front doors and leaned back onto it, taking my jean jacket from the knife sticking in me.
Tristan gasped. “What the hell, who, how did this happen?” He was taking his shirt off and then pulled his T-shirt quickly over his head.
“Emma just came up to me and said you were hers, and I was dead and just stabbed me. It hurts”, I told him.
He had put his shirt back on and got the T-shirt in a wad. “I am taking the knife out so you can heal, you will be okay, really; it will hurt but just hold on to me”.
I did hold him, and he pulled the knife out, a little silver dagger with a silver carved handle. He held me sideways and shielded me with his body. He pressed the wadded T-shirt onto the wound, which was bleeding now quite a bit. He put the little dagger down on the stone that jutted out at the bottom of the building to form a little ledge all the way around.
“Dear God, Chloe, I am so sorry, she must be mad. I didn’t realize she was violent, how do you feel?”
He was holding me, and I leaned against him and the wad of T-shirt. I put my head against his chest. It felt safe to be with him. Just then Oliver came up to us, and I saw him across Tristan’s arm, as he came out of the door, saw us and suddenly ran the few steps to reach us.
“Bloody Emma has stabbed her”, Tristan said immediately. “Can you believe it? It will be okay, but it’s horrible all the same”.
Oliver went pale. “Chloe, how is it, are you okay, does it hurt, where is Emma, where’s the knife?”
He had put his hand on my back, and was bending over me as I leaned onto Tristan.
“I’m getting better. I think it may have stopped bleeding, and I still feel a bit sick, but let’s look at it”, and Tristan moved a little away from me as I lifted my now ruined, antique green, T-shirt up to check the wound. It had stopped bleeding and had started to heal. It still hurt a little, and the cold air seemed to sting me.
Tristan spoke first. “It’s healing fine you are almost as fast as me now, thank heavens. Though it’s not in all that vital a place, well no vital organs, or you could have fainted or something. Bloody hell, that’s it, she must go home, we can’t have her going around stabbing people, that’s not love”.
Oliver had taken over holding me, and he gave the T-shirt to Tristan who picked up the dagger and wrapped it in the T-shirt.
“The truck is just over the road in the pub car park. I’m going to take this over there hang on”, he was off crossing the road.
“I’m absolutely amazed, and horrified, yes horrified, are you sure you are okay, I think we should go home and make sure Chloe”, Oliver said softly to me, and rocked me a little as he held me to him.
I looked up at him and took a deep breath. “I think I’m okay but I do want to go home, plus I think we can’t let her know I’m okay, because how would that be explained? She knows she got that dagger fairly well into my body”.
Tristan was back. “Could we just check the wound again Chloe?” We did, and it was obviously healing fast. It was cold, and I got my jean jacket from the nearby table where Tristan had tossed it and put it on.
Tristan was fastening his shirt buttons. “I’m shocked. I really am, of all things, she’s unbalanced, even back in her time you know ordinary girls don’t go stabbing other girls like that”
“We can’t let her know I’m okay, well not yet”. I pulled my jean jacket around me and shivered. Oliver put his arm around me.
“It may have been worse but I had been polite and turned to properly hear what she was saying to me. I didn’t realize she could speak any English, she knew what she was saying, and she must have practised the little she said. I got it in the side instead of the stomach”. I told them both as they looked at me.
Oliver shivered then too. I felt him against me.
“It’s cold now. I was thinking I should get Chloe home. What about you Tristan?” Oliver asked.
Tristan sighed. “I want to come too, this is madness. I just don’t want to be here. I’ll go in and say Chloe has been taken ill. I’ll say goodnight to Liz and Will, as well as James and Clare, will I say it for you too Oliver?”
“Yes okay Tristan. The Landrover is over in the library car park, we’ll get going and see you at Chloe’s place okay?” Tristan nodded his answer and started into the front entrance of Kool Kafé.
Copyright Tessa Stokes 2011


Thank you Chloe for joining us today. I hope that you enjoyed yourself and I hope that our readers enjoyed it also.

I did enjoy it after all, (smiles), thank you for inviting me.

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