This weekend I am sharing photos of some of the places around the UK that have inspired The Seven Spell Saga plots and book covers. Comments too about how the saga evolved. Part One

When I returned to the United Kingdom after living overseas for a considerable time I found myself rushing around visiting places.
I had been home a few times over the previous twelve years and found the time to visit all the places that had given me story ideas. 
Meeting people in these places often inspired more story lines for what was to become The Seven Spell Saga.

There are a few funny little happenings that fed the stories.
In 2006 I had come over from South Australia where I was working. There I lived in a house situated on Oliver Crescent, and was toying with the idea of having Oliver as the name of one of the characters in the saga. The character was clear to me for many reasons, but I had to find him a name.
Jervaulx Abbey ruins
Tintern Abbey
I was visiting Jervaulx Abbey ruins in the north of England two days after landing in the country and there in the grounds besides a flock of sheep was a man and woman. They had a beautiful Siamese cat on lead like a dog, and he was walking around enjoying the grass and the dew. I am always drawn to cats and so I had to stroke him. The people told me his name was Oliver and from then on Oliver was the name of the character. His surname came a little later in  a trip I made a couple of years later to Dorset in the south of England, when I returned home for good.

I was in the Corfe area and had never visited the castle.
It's huge towering ruins stand high up on a hill, the very castle Tristan and Chloe visit when they are back in time. Not Tristan's hunting lodge and Chloe's home of course, as that location must remain a secret.
Corfe castle is the one they visit where Tristan's best friend Richard lived.
There is a river down in that part of the UK called Tarrant and so Oliver's surname became Tarrant.
Ruined entrance at Corfe Castle

Corfe Village from a part of the castle grounds.
 Tristan Dearing's name had always been in the story right from when I first started thinking about telling Chloe's story. That's his name and it belongs to him from nearly a thousand years ago, and so as Chloe said, as long as no one knows where he really lives it'll be okay to leave his name alone.
 I was going to change it to Darling as in the book 'Peter Pan' and there is a play on the word darling in book six which readers may have noticed, but in the end it seemed right to let him have his real name.
It connects to book four where Tristan calls Anna darling aloud and Chloe darling in his thoughts. Then in book six he calls Chloe darling aloud shortly before meeting and 'falling in love' with Dale.

The abbey where lots of things happen and in particular where Gui from book three is found, having travelled in time to 2011, is described as a composite of all the ruined abbey's I have visited.
Fountains abbey, North Yorshire

Jervaulx abbey wedding party tent

In book four The Sealed Door some people were incredulous that a door might be found almost intact 1000 years after it's installation but there is a door at Chepstow castle to prove us all wrong. 

There are many knight's tombs that inspired the ones at the Tarrant estate but here is one from the lovely little Norman abbey at Tewkesbury that is still a complete building.
 When I described the solar at Eleanor Tarrant's castle I used all the very high up castle ruins as a model. 
At Chepstow you can stand on a balcony and this is the view.

I have some favorite ruins around England and Wales and Chepstow is one of them. Below is another, Raglan castle, the photo is of the moat around the ruined tower . This castle was used on the cover of Bartholomew Pike's Spell Book, Book six in the saga.

There have been a couple of fans of the saga write to me about book six and say they don't like that Tristan and Dale are together. Have patience because as Oliver said in his interview things are not what they seem.
People who have read all the books will know McPherson and how she has been the person who has looked after the Dearings as housekeeper for years.
Chloe noticed in the books leading up to Bartholomew Pike's spell book that she seemed to know about Tristan's secret and now it's revealed that she did.
She has another part to play in the final book of the series.
When Oliver told readers that there was magic around and even though Tristan thinks he is not influenced to love Dale, they are all caught up in a final destiny in book seven.

I knew the stories in the saga from the very first book up until the seventh book, and so it has been hard not to just unfold everything in interviews I have given on blogs. 
There have been clues throughout the saga about the magic, and the ancient family of magi that have been entangled in Tristan's destiny since his father Sir Edmund took spells from them to save his sons' lives back in the eleven hundreds. These were seven spells.

Everyone around Tristan has been influenced by the seven spell, book three is called The Seven Spell because it is the connecting book giving clues about the web of time travel portals that are in all the books. It is not by chance that Max aka Rene or vice versa :-) uses a seven spell on Tristan in book one. Tristan is already under the influence of a seven spell and fundamentally connected to the waterfall on the Dearing estate. This waterfall's magical connection features in once more freeing and saving Tristan in book seven.

In this final book of the seven spell saga it is three years since Chloe moved to England with her family. She has grown up and it shows. Her relationship with Oliver and Tristan has produced some fantastic adventures, and Tristan who sometimes has shown a little jealousy at her loving both him and Oliver suddenly finds out just how hard it is to love two people. Fortunately he doesn't have to endure this for long.
The voices of Oliver, Tristan and Chloe continue in this final book as they were introduced in The Sealed Door. In books five and six the stories were told by all three and a different element was added, a narrative voice. That continues in book seven.
The new characters Dale and her people attract danger, and more magic to Tristan, Oliver and Chloe. As they all try to use their special abilities to help others they also face the last fight for their lives.
Cover image bases from around the UK.
for The Task
For The Sealed Door
 Both images were taken at Old Sherborne
Raglan Castle for Bartholomew Pike's Spell Book

All photos are copyright Tessa Stokes 2012, All rights reserved worldwide.

 Next time I will share more photos of places that have inspired the descriptions of locations in Chloe, Oliver and Tristan's story, and tell you more about book seven. 

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