Today's guest author Emily Walker brings along her thought provoking book Long Road Full Speed Ahead

Emily Walker writes as Lyra Mcken for GMTA Publishing and Jewels Moss for Phoenix Fire! Also a Self Pubbing Maniac! Her favorite author is Heinlein, but she also has a weak spot for Jane Austin.
Her recent novels include a self published release Long Road Full Speed Ahead, and Zombified re-releasing March 15th with GMTA's horror imprint Grimiore.

Long Road Full Speed Ahead

This is not a book that will be right for everyone. It deals with
heavy subject matter including abortion, abuse, and drug addiction. So
far it has gotten a good response from initial readers.

A young girl struggles with abuse, addiction, and abortion all while
trying to go to school. Somehow she hits rock bottom and finds an
unlikely love story.

Grace finds herself with a toxic friend and a brand new hobby when she
discovers meth. She had a promising future before Grayson came into
the picture. A wolf in sheep's clothing he soon shows his true colors
and they are painted with black and blue.

The drugs cause more problems than they fix, but lost in the
intoxicating world of numbness she must find herself through abuse,
addiction, and abortion.

Will she let the drugs take her out of the world, and be forever numb,
or will an unlikely love pull her out and make her feel again?

To understand what brings someone to rock bottom, you first have to look at what they were like on the top. There I was, this naive bright-eyed teenager leaving home for the first time, going to live on my own at college. I was hidden from the crazy that was inside of me. It didn’t seem like bad things could happened to good people and that my choices could have bad consequences. If I had known how dumb I was at eighteen, I would have run back to the safety of my parent’s house screaming to escape from myself. Instead, I stayed and began a long road, full speed ahead.
    I blame two people for my downward spiral into drug fueled oblivion. Well, that is not really true, I blame myself the most. The crazy part of me escaped for a little while and I became a different person. I made some poor choices and no one forced them on me. So I blame three people: I, my alcoholic, loser ex-boyfriend and my self-involved best friend. The fact that she was a meth addict did not factor into how I felt about Miranda.  I was interested in her life, the dirty sex she found comfortable and her devil, crystal meth. I suppose you could say my story is pretty standard for a twenty-year-old from a small town. I have witnessed lots of things I wish I could erase from my memory.
When I hit rock bottom, I should have left this earth for good, but someone had other plans for this girl. I suppose I should start my story where everyone’s tale begins: At the beginning of the end.


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