Welcome to the featured author this weekend Kayla A. Poe with her fabulous fantasy YA books

K.A. Poe began writing at a very young age and was often praised for her skills even before middle school. She completely wrote her first full-length novel in 2008 at the age of nineteen. She specializes in fantasy novels, both modern and mythical. She currently resides in the deserts of Arizona with her husband and daughter. Writing has always been her passion in life.
When she isn't occupied with her family and writing, she enjoys playing games such as Skyrim and Sims 3. You might also find her deeply immersed in a book or drawing random doodles.
She has currently published three books (Twin Souls, Hybrid, and Sacrifice - Books 1, 2, and 3 of the Nevermore series), with their sequel being completed in the near future. She is also working on several other novels outside of the Nevermore series.

 Twin Souls -
Seventeen year old Alexis finds herself on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. What generally means a step into adulthood instead opens its way to a terrifying truth about not only her family, but herself. She comes from a long line of vampire hunters, and her real dad wants her to carry on the family quest. At the same time, she is falling for a new boy at school who has his own secret. He is a vampire. Alexis is forced to make a decision from which there is no turning back. - Will she deny this newly discovered heritage, or embrace it.

Excerpt from Twin Souls – 

The rough pitter-patter of rain against the tin roof caused me to stir in my sleep, but I struggled to fight it. I yearned to remain under the warmth of my thick quilt, wandering aimlessly through the dream world. But, alas, I knew reality would ease its way in and pull me out. As hard as I tried to ignore it, my eyes flew open and all memory of dreams faded away. I sighed heavily and pressed my pillow hard against my eyes, blocking out the relentless sunlight that snuck in through the creases in the blinds. Slowly, I tore away my brief shelter from the radiance and let my eyes adjust. I stumbled to the bathroom, rinsed my face and brushed my teeth before swiftly walking downstairs to the kitchen.
I was surprised to find it empty, void of any evidence that my mother had even been there fifteen minutes prior. Most mornings I would find her sitting at the quaint glass table, pressed up against the far wall, sipping a quick cup of coffee before she rushed off to work. My mother didn't hold the greatest job title in the world, but the money was sufficient enough to pay the bills and to feed us. She worked as a zookeeper at the local zoo and had been in that same position for as far back as I could remember. My father isn't even worth mentioning. After I turned six he became absent in my life, beyond the occasional postcard from wherever he happened to be at the time. During a mid-life crisis he decided that “living his life to the fullest” was more important than his ten year marriage, not to mention his six-year-old daughter. Now he spent his time traveling the world with his much younger and wealthy girlfriend, Melissa. I hated to even think of her, though I had never even met her.
As I thought over my mother's unexpected absence, I plucked a porcelain blue bowl from the cupboard and poured a generous amount of cereal and milk into it before sitting at the vacant table. My eyes were instantly drawn to the white, perfectly folded note that lay against the transparent surface. Sprawled across the paper in my mom's unmistakable handwriting was my name: Alexis.
I wasn't sure why, but something deep down told me that this couldn't be good. Something was wrong, and this letter was the only way I would find out just what it was. I swallowed hard as I lifted the crisp paper and unfolded it. Panic welled up inside as I read the first sentence.
'Dear Alexis, September 8, 2012
 This isn't easy for me to say, and it won't be easy for you to hear either.'
Part of me didn't want to continue reading, but my eyes betrayed me as they went along down the paper.
'The house has been put in your name, and I have left an envelope on the counter beside the coffee pot where you will find enough money to support yourself for at least the next three months. I will send you more as needed. Do you remember Mark? The man who offered me the job in Denver? I know how hard it was on you when you heard that we might have to move, and I decided that this might be easier. I will be making twice as much there as I was here, and won't have any trouble paying for you to stay home. Mark and I are moving in together.'
My forehead creased as the last words sunk in. Mom had a boyfriend, and I didn't even know about it... 

 Hybrid -
Alexis has come a long way since learning the truth about her vampire hunting lineage. If becoming a hunter wasn't bad enough, she discovered that she possessed a gift few hunters have ever been blessed with. The gift of the raven. But is this a gift or a curse?

When a mysterious new girl starts hanging around Alexis' friends and lurking around town, Alex suspects the worst. Is Claire more than she seems? One thing is certain, Alex needs to learn to control her new ability in order to make sure the ones she loves stay safe.

Excerpt from Hybrid – 

As if being a vampire hunter hadn’t been bad enough, there was also the dilemma of being in love with the enemy. Fortunately, he was nothing like the rest of them. He was gentle, more in touch with his human side, and feasted on the blood of animals instead of humans. While that was comforting, I couldn't help but worry that something could corrupt it had my foster mother's boyfriend, who turned out to be a vampire. He was like Salem, unwilling to feed on humans, until Janet cut herself one day and he lost control.
Salem had been around me plenty of times when I was bleeding and never showed any interest, but that worry was always there. Then there was the other concern that I tried to ignore every time it slipped into my mind—what if I ever did something to hurt him? I was capable, beyond capable. It wasn't something that I would ever want to do, but I had powers that I couldn't completely control.
The ability to become a raven was something that ran in my genes, however it was rare. I was only the fourth Waldron known to possess the 'gift', as my father, Paul, called it. However, I wasn't quite to the stage of being able to do it at will. It most often occurred when I was around a vampire, or was in danger, and I phased easily in and out of shape. Paul thought the more I let it happen naturally the better I would be able to control it. Salem and I were both hesitant to attempt that, considering it would involve me being in danger. But, I finally felt ready to give it a shot, especially if hunting was going to become a regular routine in my life. The better I was at it, the less blood-sucking monsters there would be lurking around the world, and the less innocent people like Janet—my foster mom—would die. I could only imagine how many there were out there. Salem and his Sire, Raziel, had come from England before traveling to America. The thought made my mind whirl at the possibilities. If a few vampires could find their way into the quiet little town of Willowshire, then they could be anywhere...everywhere.
That night I was to meet Paul and my aunt Kim in the cemetery—one of the last places I wanted to go. Less than six months ago, I had nearly died there at the hands of Raziel. I was extremely lucky to have survived with just a fractured leg and a few scratches, as well as a very conspicuous mark on my throat that left an unsightly scar. Every morning I struggled to cover it with a layer of makeup, or ensure I was wearing a shirt or hoodie that hid the evidence. My leg had healed up nicely and I was thankfully capable of walking without crutches after only a couple of months. If it hadn't been for mind whirled again at the possibilities.
I sighed and rested my head against the cool pillow behind me. I was alone in the massive canopy bed in Salem's bedroom. It was without a doubt the most comfortable piece of furniture imaginable. The mattress was plush, draped in ebony silk, and wide enough that I could spread out in any position I wanted—which, at that moment, was curled up in a ball worrying about the meeting.
Salem was out hunting, probably sucking the life out of a poor little rabbit in the forest beyond the large Victorian that I had begun to call home. It still bothered me to some extent that he had to kill innocent animals to survive, but I favored that idea over the unthinkable alternative.

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Sacrifice -
Enraged beyond reason at his returned wife's death, Paul has set his sights not only back on Salem, but on his own daughter Alexis as well. Having little other choice than abandoning their home, Alex, Salem, and Hannah begin to flee to an unknown location.

After a drop of Alex's blood streaks down her beloved book from her foster mother, the pages transform into a long kept secret journal. Inside what at first seems to be little more than a diary of an ancient vampire slayer, the trio find more than just hunting techniques. Locked within its pages contains hope of a cure, and a promise of a normal life.

Will Alex be able to decipher the journal and reach salvation before her vampiric side becomes too hard to control? Can Hannah really be trusted after what she has done? And is Salem really ready to sacrifice all for a normal life?

Excerpt from Sacrifice –

Hannah pulled the Alero to a stop outside a gas station just as we exited Willowshire. She leaned over the driver seat to stare at the words developing on the pages of what we had once thought to be just an ordinary journal. I skipped through a lot of the book that seemed to contain detailed information about vampires and hunting, until I came across a few that stood out and made me curious:
August 10, 1514
The worst possible thing has occurred to me this night. Whilst out hunting, I fell prey to a vampire – the wound is still fresh, the hunger to feed is overwhelming even so early into the transition. How I maintain the urge to kill them – my own kind – I do not understand. I have become the hunted.
They will be after me now, when once we were comrades in this battle against evil, we now are enemies fighting against the same opponent.
Ezra N. Chase
August 12, 1514
The blood of animals is not enough to sustain this thirst I feel. It is with much regret that I admit to the heinous crime of inflicting murder upon a mortal to feed myself…and I fear that they shall not be the last.
Ezra N. Chase
September 30, 1514
Rumor has been spread of a fountain across the ocean, in this ‘New World’, that replenishes one’s youth and cures their ailments. I cannot help wondering if this sacred water could be the answer I seek.
What harm is there in trying?
Ezra N. Chase
October 14, 1514
Traveling by boat has been tense. The scent of the crewmen’s blood surrounds me as we make our voyage to where we hope to discover the fountain. There is no livestock on the boat, thus I keep to myself below deck as far from the crew as possible to avoid what I fear most. One mistake and this chance could slip through my fingers.
A man huddled in the dark belly of a ship, feasting off stowaway rats – what have I become?
Ezra N. Chase
October 20, 1514
The shame that I feel on this night is…indescribable. One of the crewmen ventured below deck…before I had the chance to consider my actions, he was limp in my arms. My only option was to give the rest of the crew the same fate and guide the ship by myself.
The journey has been rough thus far, but my strength has been restored. I am nearing a week’s time into this voyage, from the logs I can assume I am almost half way to this ‘New World’.
Ezra N. Chase
October 29, 1514
With much effort I have reached my destination. Despite my knowledge of sailing, it was beyond a chore navigating the ship to this land. Handicapped with a crew of zero I had to abandon the ship a mile or more from shore and swim the remainder.
I was near instantly met by a brown skinned man who looked beyond shocked to see me. With nothing more than wood and stone weapons he stood little chance to my hunger. As much as I despise myself for it I regret to say there is something marvelous in the act of feeding, a primal exhilaration I have never felt prior.
God forgive me.
Ezra N. Chase
November 9, 1514
I have searched many supposed sites of the rumored fountain – so far to no avail. I pray it was more than just rumor! This land is vast beyond belief; there is no telling where it might be.
I have decided to return to the ship, pull anchor, and attempt to sell further down the shoreline in search of my quarry. I can only hope the hull has maintained integrity.
Ezra N. Chase
November 13, 1514
The ship has run aground on some unseen obstruction below the waters. If I am to find evidence of the fountain then it shall be by foot.
 Perhaps it is Fate that has brought me to this place.
Ezra N. Chase

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Destiny -
Salem and Alexis have regained their mortality, but at a grave cost. Disregarding Hannah’s warning of a dark and terrible future, the now human couple is wed. Planned celebrations are cut short when Desmond gives his daughter and new son-in-law the opportunity for a relaxing honeymoon, with one catch.

Now Alexis and Salem must travel to Romania to meet a mysterious man who is offering an irresistible opportunity. Every opportunity has a cost, however, and some are too high to bear. Will Alexis be willing to risk all in order to get what she has always wanted?

For better or worse, one thing is certain—Alexis will come face-to-face with her destiny.

Excerpt from Destiny – 

Desmond was far too distracted by taking Salem and me on sightseeing trips. We had already spent two weeks in Romania without even a mention of the mysterious man that wanted so desperately to meet me. The most memorable place so far had been the botanical gardens in Cluj-Napoca. It was a peaceful journey with sights portraying forestry, grassy plains, and exotic plants I had never seen before. He also took us by the Orthodox Cathedral in Sibiu. The interior walls were painted in large murals and statues stood all over. Antique wooden pews lined the path to a beautiful altar decorated with fresh flowers. Overall, I appreciated the trips to places I would otherwise never even have considered visiting, but I was yearning to meet this man he brought me here to see. I refrained as much as possible from asking about it as I did not want to seem ungrateful or rude, but I was beyond anxious.
Our honeymoon had ended abruptly due to this spontaneous trip. Thankfully we had gotten to enjoy a brief weekend together before leaving. After that however, we had had very little time alone. Even the hotel rooms had not been enough to earn us any privacy. Desmond always got single rooms with two beds, perhaps hoping to prevent us from doing anything he disapproved of – despite the fact that we were a married couple now.       
After putting up with this for far too long, I finally decided it was time to get some alone time with Salem. As much as I had enjoyed catching up with my childhood dad, I needed a break from the constant discussions of previous expensive journeys he and Melissa had been on. I was also sick of hearing about their grand plans for the future. If they told me one more time about Hawaii being their next Christmas destination I would scream. It felt like Desmond was shoving it all down my throat. Whether he intended it or not, after a while all I heard was bragging about how he led a life of luxury. I had been left to my single, zoo-keeping foster mother to scrounge out a living while he circled the globe. Regardless, I was happy with my life – if I had been off on worldly adventures with Desmond and Melissa, there was no telling if or when I may have met Salem.
When we left from dinner at Corso Café, I told Desmond that Salem and I were going to go for a brisk walk and would meet him back at the hotel later. He seemed uneasy at first, then with a forced smile he agreed to leave us be. I observed him quietly as he climbed into a cab with Melissa and headed toward the hotel. I sighed deeply with relief and pulled Salem against me in a tight hug.
“Finally!” I cheered enthusiastically and kissed him gently. It was still odd feeling warmth in his lips, but it was a good thing.
Salem smiled tenderly and took my hand in his. “He is just trying to make up for lost time, Alex.”
I shrugged. “That doesn’t mean he has to always be around.”
“You are right, of course…but you must understand how he feels. I am sure he is full of guilt about what he did.”
Stopping in our steps as we passed the restaurant, I stared deeply into his violet-tinted blue eyes and arched a brow. “He’s been talking to you, hasn’t he?”
“Occasionally, when you have fallen asleep, or make use of the restroom,” he admitted. “Desmond feels horrible for what became of his relationship with you and Janet, and he is struggling to get closer to you.”

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