New Adult genre category

The New Adult genre category
Some time ago, when I was blogging at Authors Den, I wrote about the young adult category I was more or less forced to place 'The Seven Spell stories' in, on all the book seller sites. My dilemma was that the books were really for 18 year olds, and mature 17 year olds. Some book sellers actually listed them in with childrens' books, not a good thing when these stories contain themes that are not for under 17 in general.

At the time I wanted a better category, one that was for books aimed at 18-23 year olds. Now three years later the category finally exists. Not all book sellers offer an author the chance to list books in this category yet, probably they have not had the opportunity to update their systems.

I think The Seven Spell stories need to be listed in New Adult.  I am in the process of considering switching them to that category. All the same because they are paranormal/urban and contemporary fantasy they are still not amongst the bulk of New Adult titles' themes. It's a strange thing after hoping a genre definition would become available for them for so long, to now wonder if they will fit amongst the other books out there using that genre title.
If any one has any thoughts for me, having read the books, or just in general I'd love to know them.

What is the definition of New Adult?

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