A big welcome to authors Melissa Brodsky and Nicole Madison a YA writing duo

About Melissa Brodsky:
Melissa used to tell everyone she was going to be a writer when she grew up. Well, she is suddenly a grown up and it looks like she was telling the truth. Living in a modern-day "Yours, Mine and Ours" household, Melissa is the biological mother of 3 children and the full-time stepmother to her husbands 2 children. On some days, she may even be considered "evil"...and not just as the stepmother!
With a strange vampire fascination since she was young, it was only natural that Melissa began writing stories about the Paranormal.
Melissa also owns a social media agency called Smart Savvy Social where she is considered to be the Savvy one.
When she isn't writing, Melissa hangs out on Facebook way too much. And on occasion, she's been known to throw out some semi-nonsensical tweets over at @rockdrool.
About Nicole Madison:
Since childhood, Nicole has been guilty of daydreaming a little too much. One of her favorite pastimes is staring into space, dreaming up stories, characters, lives, and dimensions when she really should be accomplishing other things. She parlayed her love of creating first into a career as a freelance writer and then into fiction writing. Her favorite genres are paranormal fiction and romance, followed closely by horror.
A long time Pennsylvanian, Nicole spends her days writing, soaking up books, teaching her five children how to be weird (in a good way), dancing for the endorphins and gardening.

They have brought along, 
Hallows Haven
When strange things start to happen to Gwen, she is thrust into a magickal new realm called Hallows Haven. Leaving the ordinary behind, she discovers that she can do things beyond her wildest dreams. As Hallows Haven begins to feel more like home, Gwen wonders how she ever felt satisfied with everyday life in Michigan.

Too late, Gwen realizes that even in this realm full of light and magick, danger lurks. Someone close to her is not what he seems and someone will do anything to draw her out of Hallows Haven and into the darkness. Even worse, some of that darkness may already exist within her, threatening her chance to make Hallows Haven her permanent home.
Have Gwen's loved ones continued to keep dangerous secrets? Can Gwen resist the call of darkness?

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The waterfall backgrounds for the Seven Spell Stories....

People asked me if I went out and photographed the waterfalls that have appeared in the backgrounds of the Seven Spell Story new book covers, just as I used to when the backgrounds featured castles.
Sadly the answer is no, because I love waterfalls, and would have liked to see these for real. They feature waterfalls from all over the world, which I think is great given the theme of time and place travel in the stories. 

Below the waterfalls alone and without the intrepid and romantic threesome of characters.

These graphics were purchased from Dreamstime stock photography and Fotolia stock photography.  Stock photography sites are invaluable resources for graphic artists but you do need to buy the pictures legally.