The guest author today is Jeff Miller with his hot off the press new release

Welcoming Jeffrey Aaron Miller back to the blog with the sequel to Mary of the Aether,

Mary of Shadows - a tale of mystery and magic set in small town Arkansas.

“You will lose friends and family, you will lose everyone you’ve ever cared about.”

The thrilling sequel to the epic YA novel, Mary of the Aether. Mary Lanham finds herself under relentless assault by her enemies, the Lookers. Her powers will be tested to the breaking point, as the Lookers wage a campaign of terror in the tiny town of Chesset, Arkansas. Mary may have found a new ally in the mysterious old woman, Vera, but who is Vera and what does she really want? On top of everything, the worst person in the world is moving to town to spend the summer at Kristen’s house.
The second volume of a four volume series.

 It was the screaming that brought the party to an end, the screaming and the blood. Nobody was having an especially good time anyway. Aunt Carole had a rolled up magazine in her hand and was using it to swat flies. Kristen, a sour look on her face, had spent much of her time pushing cake icing around her plate with the edge of a plastic fork. Aiden’s gaze was fixed way off in space somewhere. Perry was obsessively rubbing his peach fuzz mustache with the tips of his fingers and chuckling for no reason. Mary Lanham, stick-in-the-mud and ruiner of parties, ate her cake and tried not to let her emotions show on her face, but she had never been very good at that. It was her first birthday without Papa. Surely they all understood how hard that made it.

Humid summer heat lay on Chesset like a damp blanket, plastering hair to faces, shirts to backs. Aunt Carole’s makeup ran down her face in long, multi-colored trails. The presents had been opened, but really, what do you give a Lightbearer? Some perfume and lipstick from Kristen, who had been goading Mary into, as she put it, fancying herself up for a while now. A nice card from Aiden with a sweet little note scribbled inside, accompanied by a silver charm bracelet. And, wonder of wonders, a cell phone from Aunt Carole—Mary was the last of all her friends to get one. All of the gifts were now safely tucked back inside one of the gift bags and sat at the end of the bench. Only cake with too-soft icing and melting ice cream remained.

“ Fifteen years old,” Kristen said. “Isn’t that the age that you’re officially supposed to go wild?”

“ Now, let’s not even suggest it,” Aunt Carole said, fanning herself with the magazine.

And then, as if Aunt Carole’s words were the cue, the screaming began. It came from the far side of the park, a man’s voice but high and cracking. A figure stumbled out of the line of trees, hunched over, a man clutching his face. He wandered into the park, past the swing set and monkey bars, past wide-eyed children and a pair of Corgi dogs on leashes who couldn’t decide whether to bark or whimper. The man’s eyes were covered, but he stumbled right toward the picnic table, as if seeing it in his mind.

Seeing it in his mind! Such a thing was not out of the realm of possibility, Mary knew, and the power surged within her instinctively. Kristen turned on the bench, wiped the icing off her fork and brandished it like a weapon.

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It will be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble within a couple weeks.
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If you haven't read the first book, Mary of the Aether, the e-book is now just $3.99 at Whiskey Creek Press, so check it out and be ready for the exciting continuation of the story of Mary Lanham.

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