Tristan Dearing drops by the blog today....

Welcome to the blog Tristan and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.

You look very young in your pictures can you just refresh my memory? How old are you?

The pictures do wonders for me. I'm 841 years old. Well preserved huh? (smiles)

What is the name of the book where we'll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?

"There are nine books where you’ll find me. The Seven Spell Stories is the name of this series.

It’s new adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy, stuff. That’s genre speak for stories people aged about 17 to 24 might like. I say might because people read outside the box all the time don’t they.

The books incorporate real life with all these fantastic things going on between the characters. As the series goes on and a couple of years go by it does get a little steamy in the love scenes.

It’s weird because although Chloe and I are in love, she loves Oliver too. I think it’s safe to say now that will always be the way. I mean really we’re not normal, we don’t love normal lives, Oliver and I are related way back in history, Chloe too down through time has always been with us somehow. We’re not giving each other up now we’re all in the same time together and now all three of us are immortal. Why?

The books involve, our magic, time travel and our epic love story.

As the series of books progresses it spans about three years, and we do have a lot of adventures. Chloe falls in love with Oliver and with me. That’s hard at times and in book four I very nearly drive her away, but we get together again.

Chloe is twenty+, Oliver is twenty-one+ and I am---- well I just told you that. We’re almost used to the magic that keeps cropping up in our lives and since I saved their lives, and then Chloe saved me, we’ve developed some special abilities. Oh yes that was so weird very nearly dying.
I wish the author hadn’t given a choice of endings in book five. IT’s all very well having reader interaction but the seven spell story hadn’t finished. I know why she did it though. She had lots of emails asking for Chloe to Choose between us. So she gave those ending choices for readers who wanted to step off our story with Chloe having only one love.
Then naturally she picks our story up again and something very strange happens to set the scene for the final two books in the series.
We’re having a holiday right now…I know that’s hard to understand, but you think we’re not real. How do you that the author isn’t just telling you the story of three people she met on her travels. She lives nearby and she’s always into history and spooky goings on, she’s pesky sometimes.
So, we’re on holiday but when we come back we’re moving into Hawthorns together. That causes a bit of a stir (laughs) but the fact is we pretend it’s for our business and that we share the place, but in reality it’s because that’s it, we’ll live together forever now, and we have our own bedrooms. The author does actually let readers into the love scenes a little too. Chloe wears both mine and Oliver’s ring and we wear the ones she gives us. Mmm maybe I’ve just let out a secret…

What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won't tell.

"I’m certain you will tell but I don’t care anyway. She’s great. I think she really likes us three, me, Oliver and Chloe because she gives us all chance to talk, starting in book four, and she gives us all chance to really explore our feelings. She’s been committed to us so that we grow, and develop, and certainly, Chloe and Oliver get to grow up, mature, and re-define their lives by the end of the series so I think that’s cool. She’s let us show our love for each other with lots of romantic moments in the books, so that’s good of her."

How do you feel about the story you're in?

"The story is a lot about me and my history. It allows me to find things out about my family and past that have been kept from me. It gives me love and friendship. I have some very cool things happen so I really like it. It’s a love story, and about friendship and how people grow. It's a story about magic and time travel and really what people do for love."

Do you like being a character in the books?

"I enjoy the freedom of being a character in these books because I do have a lonely existence until Chloe comes along and starts to tell my story to the author. I enjoy having more friends and openness in my life."

How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally. What do you know about your author's plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?

"I’m in this for the long haul because the author likes me and because I am a principal character. I feature strongly in book six and seven. There is also a spin off in the pipeline at the moment. It’s about our ‘adult’ lives and so it can’t be called anything with the seven spell in the title. There will be more books now the seven spell has been dealt with. I can’t say too much as it will give the plot away."

Let's say they make a movie about these books. Who do you want to play you, and why?

"That’s so hard to answer.

For two reasons, I want to play me (smiles) and I don’t know many actors. Also I think it might be hard to find someone enough like me for the author not to just say well you do it Tristan (smiles)

Seriously, I can’t answer. I suppose if it were to happen the author better sit in on the casting and make the decision as she knows exactly what I look like, all my mannerisms and what I sound like. Maybe I could watch from the wings."

Tell us three things you really love and please don't include people.

"I love horses, and animals in general.

I never get to say much about this but I love the sea.

I love the countryside.

Can I have one more?"

Yes okay,

"Apples, I love apples, music, and swords, I love swords too" (smiles).

You know that's more than three things don't you?

(Smiles again) "I love so many things, after all 800 years is a long time to fall in love with the beautiful things in life."

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