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Please enjoy this interview with Stephanie Fleshman, author of the enticing Paranormal YA, Render.

An Interview with Stephanie Fleshman

Author of YA Paranormal Novel, Render

  1. How do your experiences traveling and growing up in a rural town help you to write? Traveling has always stimulated the passion I have for learning other cultures. Render definitely depicts that, since I bring so many other cultures into the story.
 2. You are among many new authors who went to a post-secondary school for something completely different from writing. How does your degree in psychology play a role in your writing? Psychology is the study of human behavior, so that has definitely helped to create multi-dimensional characters.
 3. Do you have any advice for others who have stuck to a career path, but find that writing is their true calling? I don’t believe you have to choose. Experience and knowledge of different fields can benefit a writing career, depending on what you want to write.
 4. Who are two of your favorite authors, and why do those authors speak to you? Cormac McCarthy. I think he is a literary genius. J.K. Rowling. She is a true storyteller, which I believe is different than telling a story.
 5. You use some really unique names in Render like Koldan, Raya Whitney and "The Russian." Where did you get the inspiration for the names? Secondly, when in the writing process do you name characters? I start with names, but those names have a tendency to change throughout the story. For Render, most of the names had to do with origin.
 6. “Koldan Holdt knows what he wants.” He knows, but his fate has been determined since before his birth. Can you discuss how people find their way around the obstacles of life as well as any suggestions you might have? Recognizing there is no such thing as complete control--the control you do have is determined by different variables, one being the choices you make. 

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  1. I agree that many can balance both their interest and their passion when it comes to working and writing. Many would not have stories to tell if they never left their home so it can be an out let.

    Thanks for sharing and reading,

    Sarah Butland
    Author of Arm Farm, Brain Tales and Sending You Sammy