Just released the triple book of A Spell Cast: YA urban fantasy romance.

A Spell Cast, volumes one to three, (A triple book) is now available on Amazon.
A Spell Cast, Volumes 1-3 in one book
1. A Secret, a move and they all meet.
Oliver turned to me and with a look of wonder on his face continued, “Think about it, all those years, you could learn so much and do so much. So many chances to be anything you wanted, well maybe it wouldn’t be quite that easy, but the time would be there to try.”

Chloe is eighteen when her family moves to England from California. She didn’t want to move and had a plan to go back home, until she saw Tristan Dearing. Enigmatic and gorgeous, his blue eyes capture her attention and she finds he’s at the center of a mystery that has continued over the last eight hundred years.
She decides to make the most of her new life and as she helps her dad in his restaurant, she meets the lovely Oliver. He’s attracted to Chloe immediately and they begin a special relationship that will last forever.
One girl, two gorgeous guys, friends, lovers, inseparable. Join them on their magical adventures, a reality sprinkled with time travel, witches, and strange events.

2. Mistaken identity, deeper secrets, danger and surprises.
“Well that’s true, but this is about the supernatural stuff. For a few years I kept thinking I might suddenly age, you know overnight I’d become my true age for some reason, and blow away as dust in the morning breeze.”

Oliver is mistaken for a descendant of the ancient Dearing family. Someone is owed and out to collect on an eight-hundred year old debt. How will this change not just Oliver’s life but Chloe’s too? Tristan faces discovery and danger. The three friends fight back until something completely shocking and unexpected happens.
In love with both guys, Chloe is determined to fix the new issues that face them. She and Oliver take on a wizard and find him surprisingly friendly, and so begins an adventure that changes Chloe forever.

3. Finding Tristan is the only thing on Chloe’s mind. She is willing to do anything, go anywhere. Mystery, time travel, magic and a life saved.
“Yes, what else is there to do, and Oliver don’t forget the background information, you and Tristan are immortal, how about believing that?”
The year is eleven-ninety and the waterfall on the ancient Dearing estate is swirling with magic. In the distant future, a young woman is looking for her lost love. Where is he and why?
Subjected to the jealous fury of a wizard Tristan finds himself in a place he thought he would never see again. Chloe and Oliver are out to find him.
What happens to Oliver when Tristan persuades Chloe to help him save a life? A secret is uncovered as arriving back from their adventure Chloe and Tristan discover changes in a world they thought they knew so well.
Read an excerpt:

Oliver said he felt weird about how we had left each other that afternoon, and could he see me for half an hour.
I said yes. 
His Land Rover drew up very quickly after the phone call and I went out to greet him. It had just gone totally dark and the lights in the garden were on. He was already smiling as he got out of the driver’s side. I couldn’t help it. I went and put my arm around his waist and he put his around my shoulders. We went into the hall, and he kissed my cheek as we walked along. I took him up to my room and we sat on the bed side by side.
“I just had to come and see you because it felt as if you were about to ditch me,” he said.
I swallowed, thinking before I answered him, so that I had the right words.
“This afternoon I felt that I was being unfair to both you and Tristan, and I was thinking maybe we should just be friends. Since then I’ve realized I love you too much to do that. Is that selfish?” I asked him.
He sighed. “Do you mean be friends with the both of us or just me?” he asked.
“I meant the both of you,” I said softly.
He smiled. “You love me, you said. I don’t want that to change.”
“I can’t see that happening. I do love you,” I told him.
Oliver smiled again. He stood up, and pulled me up too. His arms around my waist he danced us around a few steps. Then he stopped.
“Hey what’s going on at the abbey ruins, they are in that direction right?” He was waving his hand at my window. I had my back to the window since he had been dancing me around and I turned now to look at what he meant.
I saw a red glow in the direction he had indicated. Going to stand at the window, I could see the red glow over the top of what would be the abbey ruins, not only that, but even though it was dark I thought there was smoke, black smoke and not clouds.
“You know what Oliver I think they’re on fire. Oh my god the museum and the stained glass windows, I’ll call Tristan.” I realized at once the implications of a fire at the museum, and I grabbed my cell. Oliver called the fire department from his phone.
Tristan answered but seemed to be running. I told him about what seemed like a fire at the museum and ruins. He knew, he told me, the alarms and security they had set up there picked it up, but the fire department wasn’t there yet. He was on his way. I told him we would get there too.
Oliver said the fire department was responding to the call and we raced downstairs.
I went into mom’s study. She wasn’t there, so as we went out of the house and got into Oliver’s Land Rover, I called dad. Steven, mom and dad were still at the restaurant. I told dad about the fire and that Oliver and I were going over to help Tristan. He said keep away from it, don’t go near it, he would come over too. I said we wouldn’t go near the fire but stand away and offer support to the family.
We were at the abbey car park and the flames were obviously high in the shop and museum. The ruins had no flames, but the smell of smoke was quite pungent and I covered my mouth as Oliver and I went towards a small group of people. Liz was obviously there. I could see her and Jack Dearing standing at the edge of the group.
No one was doing anything except stand watching. I couldn’t see Tristan and I thought ‘oh no surely he wouldn’t go into the flames.’ The fire department had arrived just before us and they seemed to be having an effect. The flames seemed less and the smoke more. Jack was talking to someone on his cell phone and I realized it was Tristan. I was standing next to Liz and told her how sorry I was that this had happened. We stood there for about twenty minutes as the flames ceased and there was just smoke in the air and fire fighters walking around talking to Jack and Tristan.
Oliver and I went over to Tristan. He told us the fire was out, and the technicians would go in as soon as it was light to investigate the fire but right now, it looked like the cause was an electrical fault. I looked around before I asked him about the stained glass windows. He looked around before he answered. “They are okay, unbelievable I know. They look a bit black, but there doesn’t appear to be any melting. We’ll not know for sure until daylight, all the power is out now. Thanks for coming over both of you. Your dad rang, he was going to come over, but I said not to, that everything was under control and I’d send you and Oliver home too.”
Oliver asked if he was okay, did he need any help at all, that we could stay for a while longer.
Tristan shaking his head answered that no really it was okay. I went over to Liz and asked her if she needed anything, but the Dearings had closed ranks and she said they were fine.
Tristan said he would see us tomorrow and not wanting to get in the way we walked back to the Land Rover. 
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