Welcome to YA/NA author Tracy Kauffman and her book 'Southern Attraction'

Tracy Kauffman is a Christian fiction author of Young Adult and Children Stories. She grew up in North Alabama, where she still resides with her husband and daughter. She loves taking cruises and traveling with her family. Her favorite place that she has been to is the Grand Canyon.

She loves writing and hopes to inspire her readers into living a happy healthier life. She feels like her own life experiences have made her a better writer. Her books include: Gwendolyn’s Wish, Southern Adventures, Richard the Lionheart, My Boyfriend the Squire, Southern Attraction and Captain Honey Bear.

As a new author trying to market her books, she discovered that there were many people unpublished authors with manuscripts, but without a publisher.

So Tracy started a new publishing company KG Books Publishing. With tremendous success and response, she has published books in crime, science fiction, kids, romance, and poetry. Learn more about her and her publishing company by visiting her websites, or reaching her through social media sites listed below.

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Heather has everything she ever wanted; money, clothes, friends, popularity and parents that adored her. One terrible day, she is uprooted to a small town in Alabama with a uncle she doesn’t know. The small town of Huckleburg was nothing like Manhattan. Country rednecks owned the town and no one accepted Yankees from New York. Heather didn’t think things could get worse until a tornado comes and blast through the small town. Heather has to lose herself to rediscover what life is all about. She meets two guys that she can’t decide between who she really wants. Join Heather as she discovers that there is more to life than money and fame. Will Heather ever fit in and find true love or will she stay an outsider living in the south.

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