The Complete list in reading order of The Seven Spell Saga

A Spell Cast, Vol one, two and three (free on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble NOOK, iBooks, Sony, KOBO (sorry the series is no longer available on Amazon)

 A Secret, a move and they all meet.
Oliver turned to me and with a look of wonder on his face continued, “Think about it, all those years, you could learn so much and do so much. So many chances to be anything you wanted, well maybe it wouldn’t be quite that easy, but the time would be there to try.”

Chloe is eighteen when her family moves to England from California. She didn’t want to move and had a plan to go back home, until she saw Tristan Dearing. Enigmatic and gorgeous, his blue eyes capture her attention and she finds he’s at the center of a mystery that has continued over the last eight hundred years.
She decides to make the most of her new life and as she helps her dad in his restaurant, she meets the lovely Oliver. He’s attracted to Chloe immediately and they begin a special relationship that will last forever.
One girl, two gorgeous guys, friends, lovers, inseparable. Join them on their magical adventures, a reality sprinkled with time travel, witches, and strange events.
This volume is the first part of the beginning story.


Mistaken identity, deeper secrets, danger and surprises.
“Well that’s true, but this is about the supernatural stuff. For a few years I kept thinking I might suddenly age, you know overnight I’d become my true age for some reason, and blow away as dust in the morning breeze.”

Oliver is mistaken for a descendant of the ancient Dearing family. Someone is owed and out to collect on an eight-hundred year old debt. How will this change not just Oliver’s life but Chloe’s too? Tristan faces discovery and danger. The three friends fight back until something completely shocking and unexpected happens.
In love with both guys, Chloe is determined to fix the new issues that face them. She and Oliver take on a wizard and find him surprisingly friendly, and so begins an adventure that changes Chloe forever.


Finding Tristan is the only thing on Chloe’s mind. She is willing to do anything, go anywhere. Mystery, time travel, magic and a life saved.
“Yes, what else is there to do, and Oliver don’t forget the background information, you and Tristan are immortal, how about believing that?”
The year is eleven-ninety and the waterfall on the ancient Dearing estate is swirling with magic. In the distant future, a young woman is looking for her lost love. Where is he and why?
Subjected to the jealous fury of a wizard Tristan finds himself in a place he thought he would never see again. Chloe and Oliver are out to find him.
What happens to Oliver when Tristan persuades Chloe to help him save a life? A secret is uncovered as arriving back from their adventure Chloe and Tristan discover changes in a world they thought they knew so well.


A Spell Broken

‘Hello Oliver, we used to know you in a past life. You had my cell phone when I was in another dimension, which turned out to be back in time, 1190 in fact and… er, we’ve changed your life, sorry dude’.

After a fantastic adventure with one of the guys she loves, Chloe returns home through the time travel portal to find her other love has disappeared.
Where is the charismatic, tech loving, kind and gentle Oliver?
What exactly did Chloe and Tristan do in the past that has changed only one thing in the present time?
The loss of Oliver hits both Chloe and Tristan hard and they set out to find him, believing he must exist somewhere in the present.
At the same time Chloe struggles to believe that in saving her life Tristan has passed on his immortality.
A magical urban fantasy, sprinkled with love.


Seven Spell Dangerous

"I moved a little forward with my
hand out slightly I thought she would be scared of us, but she wasn't she was
staring at Tristan and her eyes gave her away, she liked what she saw."

Tristan Chloe and Oliver think they are finally safe from the influence of the 800-year-old magic spell that had hung over Tristan's life.
The arrival of a man behaving strangely at the Abbey Museum heralds a new twist in their story.
As everyday life goes on, with Jack Dearing seemingly determined to rid the family of Tristan, and Chloe heading deeper in love with Oliver, a series of bizarre magical things happen to complicate everyone's life.
Does the beautiful girl visitor that catches Tristan's eye mean the end of Chloe and Tristan?
As events spiral almost out of control, Tristan fights to save his home and his relationship with Chloe. 


The Sealed Door

A jealous witch, a strange spell. Two gorgeous guys and a

When Tristan asks the archaeology team to open the sealed
door found in a tunnel below his house, where Chloe lives, a surprise awaits

Trouble is on the horizon from a surprising source. Tristan,
Chloe, and Oliver think they have encountered enough magic to have grown used
to it by now, but they find this latest brush with witchcraft almost too much
to bear.

Who is Lily and better still who is Anna?

As everyday life goes on between magical happenings, we hear
from Oliver and Tristan. Oliver describes his experiences and we find out more
about how he really feels.

The Sealed Door has some interesting revelations about
Tristan's past. He finds himself with emotions he never expected to feel. He
surprises his friends by his actions; this is not the Tristan we have come to

When yet another experience from the past catches up with
Tristan, and the only thing that will fix things is another time travel

The love story continues and Chloe finds herself taking her
relationships with Oliver and Tristan to a new level. With a twist in the
ending, The Sealed Door is sprinkled with love, magic, romance, danger and the


The Task
The three friends and lovers unite at the request of Aristide the old wizard to whom they owe a favor.
Chloe, Oliver and Tristan have not seen each other for nearly three months and now they have gathered to hear the nature of the favor. It soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary favor and the three fall into the habit of calling this favor the task as they talk and prepare for it.
Still in love, Oliver and Chloe take up where they left off and the romantic moments are back immediately.
Tristan is so sad about the part he played in Chloe leaving the country and staying away for such a long time. Does he forgive himself?
Chloe still loves Tristan and the old dilemma of being in love with both the beautiful, immortal knight and the equally gorgeous modern guy Oliver dominates Chloe's thoughts through some bizarre incidents.
Who is Jean-Paul and what is his relationship to Aristide?
Has the magic in the waterfall always been because Tristan has special powers he does not know about, or is it something much more ancient and supernatural?
Chloe faces danger from a surprising source. Time travel takes the reader to a rock concert and to the twelfth century.
There are so many romantic moments between the characters that you just know something is waiting to go wrong.
This book is about love and fate. There are a more than a few steamy moments.
In book five The Task is not just about the favor owed to Aristide it is about Chloe deciding to choose between Oliver and Tristan.
The Seven Spell Saga is a love story you will want to follow to the end.


Bartholomew Pike's Spell Book

Book Six follows on from the author's cut in Book five.
The voices of Chloe, Oliver, and Tristan are once again telling the story, and there is a new voice, a simple narrator voice, which tells parts of the story that the three friends and lovers do not know.
New characters emerge, and a surprise is in store for Chloe McGarry, and her two companions Tristan Dearing, and Oliver Tarrant.

The three friends and lovers find themselves embroiled in yet another adventure, this time indirectly caused by the time travel portal on the Dearing estate.
Tristan and Oliver are both in love with Chloe, and she reciprocates. A young woman seeking out Tristan for help arrives on the Dearing estate; her message is about the young knight Gaston. Gaston is in trouble, held captive, and being tortured.
They must attempt a rescue. What can go wrong?

Magic has always followed Tristan Dearing around, his lover Chloe has caught the habit, and now so has the lovely Oliver Tarrant.

In the attic of Tristan’s reacquired house in the White Witch woods they find a cache of antiques. Where have they come from and why does Oliver feel an affinity with them?

Already the trio has found their special abilities evolving, and now Oliver, with his love for technology suddenly finds himself with as much magic surrounding him as Tristan.

In this enchanting continuation of The Seven Spell Stories the romance between the characters takes new turns.
They find new directions for their lives, which have been so changed over the last three years by their meeting.
They try to settle down to use the special abilities they have received from their blood bond with the enigmatic, immortal knight Tristan Dearing.
Does fate let them?


An Ending and a Beginning

In this final book of The Seven Spell stories, it’s three years since Chloe moved to England with her family. She has grown up and it shows. Her relationship with Oliver and Tristan has produced some fantastic adventures, and Tristan who sometimes has shown a little jealousy at her loving both him and Oliver, suddenly finds out just how hard it is to love two people.
The voices of Oliver, Tristan, and Chloe continue in this final book as they were introduced in The Sealed Door. In Book five and six, the stories were told by all three, and a different element was added, a narrative voice. That continues in book seven.
Dale and her people attract more danger and magic to Tristan, Oliver, and Chloe as they all try to use their special abilities to help others. They don’t know it but the seven spell that has caused so many adventures in the last three years is far less worrisome than magic that is far older.
When Oliver and Chloe meet the owner of a photography gallery, they find a big surprise awaits them. Tristan was sure he wasn’t being influenced by magic but is he right?
What is Dale’s destiny? Will Chloe and Oliver actually get engaged?


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